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  1. Sounds like someone's played Dungeon Warfare. ;)
  2. I've forgotten the exact order that I whipped up some time back, but I want to re-order chaos levels. Shield goblins, geodes, and assassins are way too difficult compared to some of the other enemy types. E.g. this would be better for the difficulty curve: C1: berzerker lady orcs (closest to the "standard") C2: curse throwers (fairly close to standard, but longer range) C3: cyborcs (no auras / traps is less disruptive than no projectiles) C4: shield goblins (blocks projectiles...from one direction*) C5: geodes (blocks projectiles from all directions and for nearby regular mobs) C6: emp kobolds
  3. You can't, unless you overkill. The dive-bomb animation starts at ~33% health remaining.
  4. I was 99% sure that things were tweaked so that different players could make different selections: if one player selects "back to tavern" off he goes. Do people who select nothing somehow treated differently? Weird.
  5. I don't know how often I say this, but there is no such thing as a "host" in DD2 matches. Do the following: Create a game.Have a friend join you via steam.Leave the game.When someone from public joins the game, your friend leaves.Who's the host now? Better yet, have this happen: Create a public Trials game (have no one join, or at least, be alone at the end) When the match ends, click continueYou will load into *an existing session* with other people.Who's the host? It's "trials." T-R-I-A-L-S.
  6. No, that's not how that works. They're not boss level monsters. They're intended to be standard mobs, but with above-average qualities. That means that "low numbers" are not an appropriate weakness. It's fine for an ogre, or a siege tank to have millions of HP. But not for assassins. Particularly ones that GTFO and heal to full after (trying to, or successfully) murderizing you. Mind, for their current stats they are already too plentiful. And yes, I'd like to see their numbers go down, but they really really ought to have lower stats. CC + (nearly)instakill damage is fine, provided that
  7. Fewer, I agree with. But I disagree with giving them more health. Giving them more health makes them a lightning bruiser (assuming they didn't already qualify). The Lightning Bruiser is an Archetype that sets itself apart from the competition in that it is able to take and give a lot of damage and can move quickly. When considering strength, speed, and toughness, the Lightning Bruiser does not trade off one advantage for another the way, say, the Fragile Speedster trades off durability for speed or the Glass Cannon trades durability for power.Lightning bruisers have no weaknessess. THIS IS B
  8. I'd just like to point out that "tougher, but fewer assassins" is equivalent to "lets make them ogers that hit harder and teleport." And the game already has ogers. And if we wanted ogers that hit harder and teleported (and I'm pretty sure we don't), we'd give those abilities to the oger. We don't need yet another mob that you bash in the face until it falls over.
  9. 1) Oh no. The horror. Actually having to move... 2) The nerf is not as big as you think it will be. 3) Well, if I go back to this mob design doc I created and sent to Isom like a year ago (several mechanics of which ended up in the new mobs)....my original idea was actually a burrowing creature. It would chase players (check), damage defenses it passed under, upon reaching the player it would pop out of the ground (check) stun the player (check), knock them into the air, and become vulnerable to damage (check).
  10. There are 3 very easy changes that can be made to assassins and make them viable, although tough, enemies to deal with. 1) Make them semi-visible even when cloaked. Immune to all damage in this mode is fine as long as the player has some idea of where they are (minimap is insufficient for the same reason that the minimap is insufficient at literally its one job). 2) Reduce their health. They're glass cannons. 1,000,000+ health is not a glass cannon (assassins have what, 3M? I haven't tried to figure it out recently). 3) Add a little bit more reaction time from the bind to the murderizing s
  11. You're not the first person to say this. Not even about DD2. I'm not going to go back and find the post now, but when I was futzing around with my own TD game the suggestion came up and I implemented it in my own code.
  12. There will always be a mathematical better on average case. But the goal is to make those cases interesting choices. Remember that there's 3 numbers at stake: Crit rateCrit damageBase damageYes, you can multiply the crit rate with the crit damage and get the expected per-hit damage value back out. But rare, powerful crits are not as reliable as standard damage. Conversely weak, but common crits can be counted on, but never spike. On top of that you have to consider attacks that hit multiple targets (AOE) where a single spike can wipe out a whole swath of mobs (if the AOE crits all-or-none) a
  13. No. They did. I even mentioned it when it was introduced that DCD would have to scale faster than DP in order for it to be even remotely valuable. Instead they scaled it 1:1 in every single case. All items that generate DP or DCD generate the same value on both and all towers scale exactly the same on both stats. There's never been a reason to pick DCD over DP. See also: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/120288/critical-chance-and-critical-damage-are-already-broken?scrollTo=1128721&page=1#1128721 Yeah, pretty much. There's a reason we keep asking for Mr. Buckets to get buffed. The
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