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  1. Well, it has been awhile since I've visited the forums... and apparently they exploded and reformed as something else. At least I still have the forum title Mark Singer gave me ;D I have done a little research on DD2 and it looks great so far! I like the idea of all the different game types to get more out of the game. I think my only fear about the new game would be that there will be more focus on all the competitive modes and that the original tower defense mode might end up lacking. This would make me sad as it is ridiculously fun. I'm glad to see that Trendy is still doing well,
  2. Get a dps summoner, problem solved. Not only will it help with the armor farming, it will also help with fast upgrading, easy repair and still offer some hero dps while at it. The only issue is lack of hero health but w/e, you can phase shift at any time and heal. I actually use two pets with really good tower stats on mine, and just upgraded the pets damage. This allows me do provide a little dps is something like this happens. I just float over enemies and lob fireballs/arrows at them.
  3. Pfffft That's why you get a pro like me in your game Lath. Once you get your summoner's Minion range above 2000 the archers arrows act like Deadly Striker Towers and can pierce through walls and obliterate minor threats like Goblin copters. :D Disclaimer: 82.6% of what I said was made up, except for the being awesome part.
  4. bumpy cause annoying silence about the issue. Were you expecting someone important to log into the forums the day after Thanksgiving at 4 in the morning? I can see how having a skill unusable could be annoying, but it is not a problem that prevents play. Also, try switching your weapon, I'm not having this issue on my countess.....
  5. Ever heard of Harmony of Despair? Check the DLC situation for the PS3 port. Oddly, people didn't emo as much there, despite there being much more expensive content that was actually required. That's the multiplayer 2d one correct? If you didn't pay for the additional characters then if any of your friends did... they would appear as an Axe Knight, and you couldn't see their abilities on the screen lol.
  6. I have a friend that cannot make his own games right now, but he can join mine. I told him to try reinstalliing it. If that works out I'll let you know. Granted, I am absent minded, so I could accidently forget >.>
  7. I've gotten mine down to 0.06. And yes, it looks like a laser turret at that point. Fireball looks roughly the same, but that is because the projectiles are bigger. I love standing next to my lightning tower and making the attack duration >30 seconds ^_^
  8. Yeah, I've upgraded mine to level 18 or so, and it does amazing damage to ogres and rips lanes up. But, I need to get a new one, I started upgrading one with lower base damage.
  9. okay thanks guys ^^ it costs ****loads to upgrade, does anyone know how much it costs in total? 1-33 I've heard claims of around 60 million. At the current rate that mine is scaling... I believe it.
  10. That's the part that didn't make sense, so I ignored it, but I guess I'll point out why it's illogical. Gear rewards = quality. All difficulties drop the same types of items, the difference is that harder difficulties drop BETTER QUALITY versions of those items. Yes, hard and insane drop certain types of weapons that you can't get on medium or easy, but as far as armor goes, the only thing that changes is quality. Either he's proposing that the quality of drops should be made the same for hard and insane, or he's not proposing anything at all and should learn to phrase his posts better
  11. I'd shoot for one with 33 upgrades. It takes so much mana to upgrade that gun that I would want one near perfect before considering it. level 17 cost me 1.8 million for example.
  12. Well the quality would be better on insane. Many people are unhappy until they find a "perfect" weapon.
  13. Anything specifically that you need to know? open the keybindings menu to see what key does what. I know that tab is chat, but I'll be damned if I don't hit enter first every time.
  14. As someone who has gone through most of the mobile game as a solo apprentice, and then doing multiplayer later on, it will become painfully obvious later on that every class is required to smoothly get through levels. While I did conquer every level on hard with OP deadly striker towers, that strategy will not work in the PC version because of the giant increase in the number of mobs. Yes, early on the Apprentice and just set up a wall of towers at every choke point, and the squire can set up a wall of barricades and then slash his way to victory, but both are dead in the water trying to sol
  15. If you play a "local" game and make a new character it will give you access to a full tutorial level. It gives an achievement too! Now I have to figure out how to get into this tutorial in the Trendyent servers, I want my achievement :(
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