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  1. The current loot system has many issues. Any changes for this system?
  2. @Radu Lykan If you want to help gear up a friend to play with you in C5, it doesn't seem like it would take someone too long to do. If they have level 50 characters, you would just need to assist them through a few maps of each Chaos tier just so they have some basic gear in each armor slot of one hero. Meanwhile you'll be getting more chances at some Tier specific shards. Its not as fast as just jumping into C5, but it's still a fast track to the end game. Don't forget about spending a large amount of resources to upgrade items, that will be thrown out after a few matches... And this is relevant not only for beginners. Also the current loot system has other problems. @ram1024 1. it should take the highest piece of gear per slot on ANY of your characters (or any currently in deck). it's stupid to have to de-activate heroes in your deck to optimize your drops, or to conglom all your good items only on to one character ... 3. needs to have some kinda playtip or tutorial, "equipping gear with higher stats will get your better drops, upgrade your gear with gold or defender medals to reap the rewards of victory". then when an item drops that was reduced because your gear sucks TELL THE PLAYER "ipwr 350 legendary dropped instead of ipwr450" @Talis Cat The drop based on active hero also mean two (bad) things for me : - If I want weapons for other Hero, I'm stuck to "wasting" drop. No big deal for one class but much more if I have 9 to gear ... - MUCH more important it means i can't use special weapon. I guess i wil be able to buy a new Meteor Bullets soon but Wailing Galive or, even worst, Mauled Cleaver are a long way off ... I guess most people don't care about look but when i spend gems to get skins it kinda make senses to be able to use cool weapon, even if it nerfs my own stats ! So +232 for drop based on best gear in Active/Total DECK. Or even the best two, for that matter This can be used as a temporary solution. Why do we ever have to obey the absurd system when equipping our heroes?
  3. I have seen no one free-to-play game with the same absurd inverted loot system. Absurd system = fewer players. Other solutions must be used to increase the time spent in the game (unique items, interesting possibilities, etc).By the way, I fully support the decision with the possibility of buying Shards for real money.
  4. Loot based on your current equipment instead of difficulty - real nonsense. Why does the system punish you for completion of maps at a higher difficulty?! For this reason, I can't invite many of my friends into the game (i can't boost them, and leveling from Campaign to Chaos X will take a huge amount of time and resources). The current loot system must be changed (loot from the Chaos X always must be Chaos X's loot), otherwise the game is doomed. PS: For public matches can be added a certain functionality (ascension requirement, "host" function, etc).
  5. Special currency for Shards (or use Defender Medals). and/or Special storage for Shards. Get shard once - use everywhere (for a certain price, ofc). IMHO: the current shard loot system is designed for masochists and casino lovers.
  6. I prefer unique powerful items such as "Armored Cleanser Bow" (before nerf), but without separation by attack speed or by upgrade levels (because such items must be very rare, and "composition of random" is unacceptable). I wasted 200+ hours to farm 4/s Armored Cleanser and got no one (very sad experience). So, such items must not be as rare as 4/s Armored Cleanser, but must be more rare than current legendaries with 60 upgrade levels. Solution: Add simple additional effects (or something else) for current legendaries, and slightly increase minimum values of their upgrade levels; AND Introduce a new rarity, which will follow the ideas, similar to the one i described above (with "Armored Cleanser").
  7. Argick Upgrade levels are one of the RNG elements that you have to get lucky with and if it only has 30 or 45 upgrade levels then it's not completely trash, it just won't be the maximum you can get and can use it as a temporary upgrade however maybe remove it's ability to drop at 15 upgrade levels. Mythic items are just slightly worse than legendary (especially for gear with 15-45 upgrade levels). @Sn/+/per What's the rush to get perfect gear? We're only a little over two weeks into the update. If people got the best gear from the start, there'd be continuous requests for better gear and higher difficulties. I said "more rare, but ideal legendary loot with maximum upgrade levels", so it will take the same time to obtain perfect gear (drop rate for "60 Legendaries" will be the same). The chance to obtain items with 15, 30 and 45 upgrade levels can be redirected from legendary to mythic (to fit the concept "truly legendary"). I also agree with another solution: @Sn/+/per Legendaries should be different than Mythicals in some way than just slightly higher stats.
  8. Hello, Developers and Defenders! What is the purpose of legendary items with 15, 30 and 45 upgrade levels? Frustration and annoyance? What do you feel when you obtain legendary trash as a reward? I will prefer more rare, but ideal legendary loot with maximum upgrade levels (because one of the main purposes - perfect equipment). And for other situations, mythic items are usable (same number of slots). Quality over quantity. I want to feel legendary loot as truly legendary!
  9. I experience similar issues. Can you vote here: Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting? And check please "first 60 seconds pattern" (described in comments there)
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