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  1. LOL r u sure? then y would it exist xD
  2. the +1 point that u get when u log in daily, what is it and how to use it? thanks.
  3. Lol, I'm lvl 50, I was just doing a noob map at that time to quickly complete a mission n log off, when I saw my medals getting doubled, so I thought to myself, which event is happening rn? n I forgot it was thanksgiving since I don't celebrate it, so yup. thanks
  4. But I created another lavamancer and the first one got deleted :( Uh, that shouldn't be happening. I've got 4 dryads, for instance. Tbh It was my bf who had that problem, but he found it in the inv, the cards part. LOOOL he so silly, u r right, thanks for the help
  5. What is the event thats happening in dd2 right now? when I finish a map , I see "Events - 5 Medals" so I'm wondering wats the event? o.o
  6. But I created another lavamancer and the first one got deleted :(
  7. like can i have 2 squires? 1 fighter n 1 builder?
  8. I get it, but on weekends, I didn't get 2 missions, I still only got 1 :(
  9. how many do u usually get , daily? I get one only :(
  10. I didn't receive any daily missions today, is anyone experiencing it too or only me? I tried restarting steam, is there a way to fix it? I need as many missions as possible honestly. I'm saving up for ev2. :)
  11. 1) Did you mean Squire Spike Blockade? If so, then get as much Defense Health as you can and a totem with the Hearty Blockade passive (up to 40%+ Defense Health). 2) Mailbox can be used for......not really anything else. Just codes and things like the "DLC" bundles. 3) There's no trading yet because Trendy wants to stay far away from P2W. If my memory serves correctly, they haven't figured out a good way to establish a trading system and have it not become a P2W issue. 4) Wyvern Tokens aren't earnable anymore I don't believe. I've heard you can get them from Onslaught and picking currency as y
  12. I played dd1 but Its been so long... now I joined dd2 and I got questions, it would be nice if you could answer them: 1. How to get the squire shield hp high? 2. Is there any use for mailbox other than codes? 3. why cant we trade on dd2? 4. How to get tokens? 5. whats the difference between defense, onslaught, incursion? 6. does each newsletter from dd2 gives 200 medals? 7. is there any achievements that give the blue gems and medals? (other than missions n quests) 8. is there a specific correct way to upgrade armors n weapons? if no, can I have tips?
  13. I would love to be able to trade, like I get so many items n I dun mind trading them to ppl
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