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  1. er...i would like to offer more than 50m mana, but the max is 50m....so can't really bid. need to keep my weapon and armors:monk:
  2. if there is a lag, can't really help
  3. this is trendynet server, not open server, that why bring my concerns
  4. when I joined a match today, (trendynet ranked server) look at these screen shots, are these items modfied? btw, DENKKOSEKA is my character.
  5. when I joined a match on trendynet ranked server today, look at these screen shots, are these items modfied?
  6. Hi, I would like to say something about loots and builds, I am playing DD (ranked PC version) on steam. I would like to play with others and this game is great fun when you defend it all together, but the ninjia looter is the major problem, can you please set up some kind of funcations, for example, whoever host the game will decided how to pick up the loots (none for all, only upgrade, free for all, etc...), I believe by doing this, players can be well interactive to each other, farm mana together and all sort of things. Also when someone joined the game, they can be really axxhole, for
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