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  1. Merry Christmas guys. (if u celebrate it) If you don't then Happy Holidays! =)
  2. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and also i'm in the giveaway. Steam Name: Cookie Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198301905439/
  3. Ends once someone bids at least 25cv Cause my friend was gonna buy it off me but then he bought one -_-
  4. I'm sorry guys I have to close the auction now. My friend jaws has won and he was too lazy to make a forums account.
  5. Ends December 17th 2016 Accepting good tower or dps items or armor. Also accepting cubes.
  6. it's now over! Sam has won Salem with an offer of 8cv, 2 diamonds, and an ult spear.
  7. MKL what is your steam name? i need your steam name to message you in case you win.
  8. Accepting coal/cubes. Auction ends on 11/20/16
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