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  1. Not sure what the point would be? At best you'll get some concrete answers that you'd get in a formal write-up anyway, at worst we'll continue to get ambiguous 'maybes' that serve only to frustrate.
  2. Little Magic Hat


    I don't see how PVP would fit into the gameplay of DD2. The whole premise is to beat the hordes of the dark one - not to slaughter each other and give the dark one an edge! That aside, the majority of hero abilities would just wreck other players even if you scaled them down in damage due to the CC nature of them.
  3. You know since the update to Shocking, it works on every tower that allows elemental servos right? So you with your Water + Shocking combo item don't need double beam :P
  4. Easier with one person as barbarian tanking all of the assassins while the others do the leg work. But as gigazelle said, not worth more than one play through.
  5. Simonb did videos on YouTube exactly showing this. That said he used dryad before she was bugged but it should be even easier now that there are mods
  6. They didn’t change it - this is how the incursion map always was.
  7. Ring the bell to stun them or use barbarian in turtle stance
  8. Onslaught assassin and his immunity to bastille master reflect is helpful.
  9. Think it's a hangover from when we had different types of stats on different types of armour. Eg warlocks gloves would have magical resistance and ability power with a specific picture, while warrior would have a different picture and be physical resistance and hero damage.
  10. I've never experienced this. Have you tried validating the install in steam?
  11. Harpy was always an issue due to her reload. Same principle with hailstorm.
  12. Sometimes I wonder if the game engine is simply too old for some of the volume of units and particle effects they let us throw at it.
  13. 100% rate deals with the Frosty orc and power servo is a waste. Try anti-melee.
  14. Nice analysis that I'd not considered before.
  15. Embermount Flames mod makes the enemies that walk over the fissure take damage as though they're still on it. E.g. Place 6 fissures at spawn and watch the mobs take 6x defense damage continuously throughout their journey to the objective :)
  16. Frostfire explosion damage is modified by anti- mods and on barbarian you can have explosion mod on the other axe just for some extra explosion proc funs
  17. Make sure you place them so they don't fly into spawn point too. But otherwise yeah they're bugged as fuck... They don't like to hit dreadbones, they're flakey on skeletons and geodes, and they will randomly fly off in the dead road map. Real pity because without the targeting issues they're awesome.
  18. Seems a lot of effort for not much gain. And lol Exglint. The amount of bugs we've shared and exploited (and continue to) over the years...
  19. Not a timer, but an increase in probability of getting a 10/10 mod given there are more mods dropped in 4 player matches (from victory chest). The only 'timer' is the 10 hour active play for a guaranteed 10/10 mod if you haven't gotten one during those 10 hours. Or the pity 'timer' 286 re-roll.
  20. Why be so crazy. I understand people want a challenge, and for many Prime is a challenge. However, Prime as an incursion should be repayable. Instead it's just mastery without the effort. Extending Mastery to c8+ and opening the floor cap would work to give the 1% something to get their teeth into without screwing everyone else.
  21. Which is a far more economical (in terms of total materials and gold gained) and quicker route to do than relying on getting the secondary stat, shot type, weight (if applicable), and actual weapon you want. The effort:reward is not equitable.
  22. As above Also you'd hope the other players provide the DPS to offset the increase in health.
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