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  1. Makes no sense to me and just added another level of unnecessary thinking.
  2. One of my biggest bugbears with dd2 was choices being progressively removed, forcing singular play styles across the entire player base. I’d rather hope dda avoids this. Something as simple as a choice to time the build keeps the game accessible (not everyone has the coordination to play within a timer) and fun (to those of us that prefer to build within the timer).
  3. 2x Reflect beam with mass destruction, vicious strikes, shattering torpedo And tenacity, rate, anti melee arranged in a box with a proton beam with destructive pylon, rate, frost beams and tenacity, rate, poison build horizontally across the middle of the box will do most lanes just fine. Add in a flame aura with overcap rate for frost. Add in a boost aura With mass destruction, destruction, boosted grasp if struggling (eg physical damage lanes, long shot, headstrong). Fliers easily dealt with from a 2-3 nodes reflect on core and obelisk with totem and fortification to soak up emp kobolds (5 max needed for temple). Normal flying kobolds will suicide on nodes placed I’m lanes with ground mobs so long as that lane is near where the flying lane is. Apart from that, reroll maps that take forever to build / poor du eg temple of the necrotic, molten citadel, buried bastille, longhorn valley. If you don’t have barbarian also reroll headstrong assassins.
  4. She’s weak to walls that’s why she runs over them or around them.
  5. 100% Defense rate provides immunity to frost orc.
  6. I wondered why my towers suddenly died across the map. Makes sense now!
  7. Geyser shard used to do insane damage against roller but was fixed. @Exglint since you’re not using stuns except on snaking, how are you dealing with berserkers? Just pure DPS?
  8. The bug allows you to switch out range on the boost aura and the towers will still receive boosts as though they’re still in the radius.
  9. 0 hours not sure what that means to the thread starter though. I’m enjoying the beta, aside from some artwork that I really don’t care for (heroes and the 90s style cgi enemies). Also, chill people.
  10. @ArchaicLotus do you have controller servo on your skyguard? Also are you utilising the current boost aura range bug?
  11. Could always create a source of an item with the respective value ranges that item could have from that particular source. Then every x minutes check to see if the items in play match said value pair?
  12. I prefer the aura of dda over dd2
  13. Anti-* mods are more consistent and provide more damage unless you go full psycho crit
  14. are the characters and mobs getting a graphical update for the real game? If not I’ll be disappointed - the quality of the maps and defences are amazing in comparison
  15. @Exglint when you put it like that crit builds do seem so long ago jeez! I’m glad they went though. @ArchaicLotus I too would love to see your setup for them bees and boost. I haven’t attempted crit since before it was changed. People on non PC - do you have bee bugs too? (Ignoring skeletons, geodes, and dreadbones)
  16. Bees were meta in the older onslaught that Niko got to floor 999 with. Before they simultaneously broke bees and changed the difficulty scaling of onslaught.
  17. You still wouldn't be able to produce enough DPS given current defence unit caps. The only benefit for gilded hypershards would be 1) easier resets and 2) less challenge up to the arbitrary 2bn hp enemies. That said, I'm not sure why Chromatic are bothering to patch this bug. It would take 11 resets just to gild each hypershard once. Considering there's only 4-5 defences that you utilise at high floors Onslaught, that's 44-55 resets plus the time and resources needed to actually get up to 900+ and still not get past the hp wall ... by then I believe a large chunk of the player base will be on with DD:A (I know I will be after what I've played so far in the beta).
  18. Not sure what the point would be? At best you'll get some concrete answers that you'd get in a formal write-up anyway, at worst we'll continue to get ambiguous 'maybes' that serve only to frustrate.
  19. Little Magic Hat


    I don't see how PVP would fit into the gameplay of DD2. The whole premise is to beat the hordes of the dark one - not to slaughter each other and give the dark one an edge! That aside, the majority of hero abilities would just wreck other players even if you scaled them down in damage due to the CC nature of them.
  20. You know since the update to Shocking, it works on every tower that allows elemental servos right? So you with your Water + Shocking combo item don't need double beam :P
  21. Easier with one person as barbarian tanking all of the assassins while the others do the leg work. But as gigazelle said, not worth more than one play through.
  22. Simonb did videos on YouTube exactly showing this. That said he used dryad before she was bugged but it should be even easier now that there are mods
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