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  1. Why would you trade unless you trust they won't screw you????
  2. I failed the first time due to forgetting he spawns on the ship and I'd stupidly gone public with the match queue embarrassing lulz But yeah I was like what? With their hp...
  3. Only downside to explosive Traps are Cyborks who hit them outside the trigger radius (thus takes longer to kill them) :< otherwise they're awesome with either a WM or dual elemental protons.
  4. The tree aura range was always plenty to build bees close enough to hit spawn even without any range bonus on the bees themselves. I'd much rather they be fixed as you say because I enjoy their unique mechanic, just as you, but how likely is it to happen given they were never fixed in all this time since they were broken (even under Trendy before the Chromatic shift)?
  5. Miniboss chip works with all damage including abilities
  6. I never built my trees within line of sight of any mobs - preferring to hide them behind map objects and capitalising on its huge range. What makes you say they would need to be placed closer to enemy spawns? As they are now, bees are unreliable even in Chaos 7 with their bugged behaviour.
  7. Hornets are bugged AF and have never been fixed, and I doubt you guys have the capacity to figure out what's going on with them and actually fix it at this point (or in the future). Please consider turning hornets into an aura with reduced dmg scaling (to offset their increase from 3 targets to 10), minimum distance build similar to FA/Fissure, and similar range to WM / Blaze Balloon. Their corrupt version could see them increase their crit chance.
  8. Incursions always used to drop their specific item - the grind part was in getting the max of the stats you wanted. Why Prime isn't like this - only Chromatic knows, but it's disappointing. I don't want them in wayfarer. Let us grind for what we want.
  9. Area of effect. @uzar really? Doesn't sound like something Trendy would do. Plus I'm sure I don't need to point out how easy it makes the map...
  10. ROFL They didn't even fix the World Tree bug XD
  11. Shush until I've had chance to play it omg
  12. Your count must be off or you accidentally rolled past a 10, cos the pity timer is 286
  13. Chromatic Games are conspiring against you! No but seriously, was Zero Entropy being left out of the shop an oversight @LAWLTA
  14. Got a gobu rifle yesterday randomly while carrying some people. Only it rolled with hero health instead of AP :<
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