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  1. Yeah, earth is also a good one to do double damage to lightning bug, or poison to deal with controlled burn
  2. Why not controller? It procs on the slow
  3. Actual topic Hailstorm is terrible because 1) it costs 40 du for single-target damage, 2) delayed targeting, 3) has a re-load sequence. I use the following: I re-roll any headstrong flyers I use Frostbite towers to bait EMP kobolds (Totem with Protective Downgrade and Hardened MODS, Fortification, Frosty Duet, Deadly Strikes shards) I use 2 SGTs: 1 with poison, 1 with earth for lanes that the flyer will fall to their death from petrify (just as a hero would die if they fell) On lanes that 3 doesn't count and that the flyer crosses ground units, I throw a poison WMR to petrify them into the kill box (Reflect Beam with Shattering Torpedo) If 4 isn't viable, I build in their spawn with the same WMR+Reflect combo e.g. Temple map you can pretty build on the spawn point for most flyer lanes If 5 isn't viable, I build WMR + Reflect around the objective since wyverns and lightning bugs are ranged and will do 0 damage Physical, Magical, Elemental White damage numbers = physical Purple damage numbers = magical Elemental servos can be applied to any defence that doesn't already have an element / explosive trap (explosion) / reflect beam (explosion) / oil geyser (earth). If an elemental servo is added to a defence it turns it into magical damage (annoyingly).
  4. Seems to be happening often on EU server. At least for me... I've grown the habit of checking gear score everytime I load a map.
  5. No. Elemental servo just doesn't work on reflect beam full stop.
  6. One of the many reasons I just reroll this map.
  7. Building on the story line of adventures, making incursions worthwhile, adding more map specific loot, and extending mastery challenges, would beef out the game without looking to further power creeps.
  8. Just keep climbing until you can't climb anymore, the higher you go on the first run, the more it will benefit your reset grind (talent caps raise and min ascension). The calculation for minimum ascension is: ((Max Onslaught Floor Reached Ever - 30) x 4.16 + (Max Ascension Level Reached ever / 50) ) x 3.
  9. It didn't used to be an issue and should technically be less of an issue now that they're meant to hit more targets.
  10. Apologies, that's correct. One would hope that five nests hitting five targets with three bees would be better than five nests hitting three targets but it somehow got broken, unless someone has successfully replicated using bees beyond 200 (I'd love to know how).
  11. I think 2 minutes is reasonable (I'd argue 90 seconds max); it is beyond the time any mob should have died or made it past defences to a core. Also I concur with removing high rollers; they're a grievance not a challenge. Headstrong assassins are the reason barb is so common - I've taken to just RE rolling any headstrong flier even at my piddly floor.
  12. Source please. Didn't they already say they're not working on characters this year? Or did I dream that up - cba looking back at previous streams to confirm. I would much rather have Man and Machine than more gender swaps.
  13. You have it wrong. A maximum of 3 bees can attack a target. A single hive, while corrupt, will attack 1 target. Prior to the Protean Shift, all hives attacked the same target - it's what made them so ruthless.
  14. It's not restricted to lsa. All auras / nodes hit the lamps taking 1 of the 10 max targets :<
  15. Avoid letting the bees enter spawns, they bug out worse and also have a weird problem targeting geodes, skellies, and captain dreadbones.
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