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  1. Hi Please could we get a QOL update which prevents you from re-rolling/ declining a 10/10 or 100% re-roll? I just had a momentary panic when my body moved faster than my brain as I was grinding re-rolls and hit cancel instead of accept. 268 tokens wasted :( It's not my first time, and I know many, many, others have done it too. Please and thank you :)
  2. Cool, but when is it due to land?
  3. With tokens dropped in the resort and keep maps or from floor 65+ in onslaught.
  4. An elder dragon and two nests can hold a multiple c9 lane like those found in forest biome and unholy catacombs. However - I reckon elder needs a significant boost to make it anywhere near as useful or exciting to use as advertised
  5. The wording is misleading. Those of us played Prime when it was C7 don't get another set (3rd) by completing it as C8 following the C8 update. Also, the Des Pylon bug (giving for Prime 1 after reset) is STILL in-game.
  6. Support ticket: https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new WM mod stunning revelation had it's storm part removed which removed the self-near permastun it had prior. However, it's still very effective when combined with storm element and using Water Auras. I forgot to mention that Oil + Fire now ignites enemies and they take 25% more damage while ignited. Fissure now has slightly more DPS than Flame Aura (which is awesome thanks to its greater range for dealing with frosty mobs). Water Aura is a well balanced case - without Water Jet Shard it's an AoE drench for 30 DU (
  7. Log a support ticket regarding any missing shards WM was nerfed Reflect Beams became meta but then nerfed Poison + Earth now petrifies (like stun but flying enemies will fall to ground/ drakenlord shield stops working/ and enemies take 5% increased damage) Explosive Traps are meta Initiate now has Water Aura instead of Flame Aura Adept has Flameburst instead of Flamethrower Mercenary is the new hero and has 3 amazing defenses: spiders are awesome roller killers / early onslaught spawn killers, archers are great for CC, and artillery cannon is current l
  8. Looks good! keep up the good changes :)
  9. Nah, PDT and Earthshatter is all you've really needed to grind resets since petrify was introduced.
  10. Hi I know this should be done through the bug reporting tool, but can I heckers remember my password or the email address I used. Anyways, for some reason I'm unable to put an anti-support mod onto a relic that has an anti-ranged. Is this intentional?
  11. A lot are putting water elemental shard with a storm servo on top. And why would you double up stun and petrify? The DU cost of doing this won’t net you anything worthwhile. I’d say lower floors the stunning rev by itself should be plenty to give CC without it needing to be too heavily invested. Maybe if Exglint shared his non stun/petrify builds 😉 Don’t get me wrong though, I’m in favour of the nerfs - just would have been nice to have more buffs in other places to balance it out!
  12. The game actively tracks gear score since one of the last big updates!
  13. Not worth it anyway when taking diminishing returns into account vs the cheaper and more useful petrify.
  14. Then what about drakenlord who shield only drops when ignited - which burning strikes does? Fire DOT like burning bolts doesn’t drop his shield...
  15. Yes - elemental chaos. Forgot it was called that! Spreadfire - cannon ball tower has a chance to fire x shots in a spread dealing % damage.
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