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  1. It never did. He needs oiling first.
  2. You can validate files in steam games without having to download the whole thing again.
  3. Yup, painful first time and I rage quit for a few months over my own stupidity (I knew full well that I'd lose all my items and pet levels, but still did it).
  4. What are you on about? He's wanting 5 not 10, he's had 10, 7 and other rolls. Possible RNGesus? I'm gonna look out for 5/10 on any mod because I'm not sure I have any! Why Drain Aura? It only does the damage 1/s...
  5. Now if only venomous viper was working...
  6. It's the same base damage just spread over different rates and shot spread, however the crits make a difference, so more shots faster will do more damage over time. For melee monk you're aiming for heavy polearm as it will hit for more damage in its first swing after charging it up with Crane Stance.
  7. Both the Wiki and DD2 Tools list the c8 shards that once were, though I'm banking a lot of players who kept their shards unlike me could easily fill us in on changes to them. It'd be nice to see how many have been nerfed / buffed.
  8. Have you tried adding in Initiate boost too :D
  9. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ONuUAUofbdaav4GUVvWy69CLEatFalT73mGuhhLaXJg courtesy of Lightrayne details all the enemies, they're typing, and weaknesses.
  10. Got enduring bubble as a fourth Shard. Not sure if getting an extra Shard is intentional.
  11. There's a topic already on this. Tomorrow morning americuh time
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