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  1. 1) I agree since the premise was that it was meant to cover the story between dd1 and dd2. Yet it seems to be entirely dd1 on a new engine with updated map graphics and UI. 2) Given how they’ve done with DDA I’m glad they didn’t jump into DD3. I hope they’ve learned a lot from how not to do things before they plan dd3. 3) I think cash grab might be a bit strong. I don’t think they had the right plans in place and ended up making promises they couldn’t fulfil, from delayed development schedule to the switch scandal (also I’m pretty sure they said they were building with it in mind yet controller support is horrendous) to the release cost change. All of that said, I want them to do better and succeed since I’ve enjoyed Dd2 for the most part.
  2. Although I’ve already responded in the same topic on the dd2 section, I don’t like dda, but I would hate to see them give up development of dda. They need to make it a success and learn as much as they can from it to move onto dd3
  3. To drop investment in their new game, not fulfil contracts, and lose the learning they’re gaining from using an updated engine and reinvest in an old game that has no real development future left beyond bug fixes doesn’t make any sense.
  4. Congrats on 999 you three! Just as everyone thought it couldn't be done because of the arbitrary Mark update you guys somehow found a way!
  5. Do your defences have max rate? Have you overcapped (100%) the rate on Flame Auras when vs Frosty Orcs?
  6. Why the need to bet? Just show it working, as on PC I tied the shareable +poison mod and it had no effect.
  7. It doesn't work. The only thing that might be working is if your character has Grave Infection and the shatterquake AoE Dmg gets a kill, the subsequent enemy will land on the poison tick from the gave infection and the shatterquake's earth dmg will petrify.
  8. Since you’re not using boost to slow, you can switch out deadly after placing with another shard and the towers that were originally in the aura will continue to be boosted as if the aura was still boosting them (including upgrading the boost aura).
  9. I only have an SGT for making chaos runs quicker. In onslaught I use frostbite to deal with emp kobolds and a reflect around the core for the rest. SGT is too expensive and becomes stuck with the sheer volume of fliers in some lane modifiers. There're no melee fliers... Controller only works on mobs who are crowd controlled, poison and drench don't count as crowd control.
  10. No it works as intended now, they all do.
  11. Yes it does, assuming the lane doesn’t have unstoppable modifier
  12. Ooph should have asked the forums; I'd already done this when we got striker back. I was hoping the shard would push it beyond its 800 Max (I still wish it would). However, turned into just another example where range is effed in this game. But wanting it to be revised at this point with everything that's going on with DD:A would be unrealistic. Fortunately, Shattering Torpedo is amazing. I'd imagine there's much cheaper and easier towers to use for resets than reflects... namely pdt and earthshatter.
  13. It’s not broken to be fixed. Repair and upgrade both reset proactive traps. Switch out the mod for an anti mod or controller if applicable.
  14. Just use the American ones, they seem to be the best functioning, even for those of us in Europe
  15. Proactive traps is a terrible mod by the way, but yes more useful mods would be lovely
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