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  1. You should make all the cosmetic stuff "Premium", and if its is a success expand it and go F2P to attract a wider audiance! Nowadays people are scared to buy games because of all last years fiascos and bad ports. But if they try it and like it they will eventualy support it! i take as an example League of legends and TF2! I played it so much that i ended supporting both of them, and i didnt even had too.. because.. paying or not i wouldnt be inferior for those who payd! but i did beucase i enjoyed it and wanted to support that kind of model! This game with fresh maps,modes,heroes,cosmeti
  2. Honestly, its not a big deal, it costed me 6$ on steam to get all the new content. I make 15$ an hour, so it took me just over 30 minutes to secure an investment that will take me several hours to play through. Was it the best value entertainment wise for my money? probably not, but considering the tiny amount it does not really matter. And if it does, my suggestion to you is to get off of un-employment insurance or welfare and get a job. How can anyone take you serious if you end with that. Mr Guru! The people have spoken! Lets continue to support this kind of recycled stuff so we get..
  3. you can probably expect all existing maps recycled with all the challenges! AS PAYD DLC!!!
  4. you dont need a translation.. you just need to open your eyes xD i am sure you are one of those guys that BLINDLY pay for everything they put in front of you.. no matter how bad it is... cheers! ps: he might still need a translation for this post also! or some glasses! whatever makes him understand! ps2: anyway, i am out.. my intentions werent to start a flamewar.. was just to express my opinion but with this guys popping up with those posts its kinda hard.. you can troll whatever you want byez :)
  5. Ok by me mate, if you wanna pay blindly this much for the same stuff with tweaks.. go ahead support that.. and maybe later you will pay even further for all recycled chanlenges for all maps :P Dont take me wrong, i am not against paying.. i would actualy pay for the dlc if they were worth half of the game price
  6. First of all.. open is not good enough to get free dlcs but is good enough to pay for the payd DLCS! NICE JOB! Second.. really?? 5.19 in promotion for 4 maps and 4 new characters? lets check further! 4 maps that are the same but the core moves in them.. xD 4 new classes... just swaped gender with 2 new skills and same towers?.. oh come on you can do better! Its to much for the same content.. this is not new.. just the same old with some tweaks.. if you want to charge then make things right and make 4 new maps that we never seen before and i dont care if the gender is swaped wit
  7. Are you guys refering to the new classes or just the new genders? people are always talking about new classes but seems they are just refering to the new genders... wich is the same class and same abilities.. i dont know if i am correct but we will be getting one new class? not more than one.. and mostly sure payd.. any
  8. You must be tired if you think admins have said mods are for Ranked. Only the mods that trendy likes will be included into ranked. The vast majority of mods will only be seen in Open. Edit: Cheating not allowed on Open? lol * All: Added option in the Character Selection UI to export your Ranked TrendyNet Heroes into Open mode! hope its more clear to you now mate! anyway i dont really care about cheaters.. this is no MMORPG.. the only thing that bind us together is a leaderboard wich has 0 interest to me. If a cheater joins my game i just kick and move on.. and i dont really min
  9. the same way admins sayd ranked=free dlc first open = mods now: ranked = mods and dlc first open = still the same doesnt feel right either but ok.. i am tired and dont want to argue anymore if you think its right then go ahead..
  10. I am not angry.. its nice to have more people comming to open.. and i dont care about cheater and hackers.. i create my own games.. so i am the boss on who stays and who goes.. i just need to inspect them and kick the non desired people! As you dont wanna start over on open from scratch to play mods.. i dont wanna start over on ranked to play first hand FREE MAPS.. ranked getting all the freebies while open stucks with nothing... if ranked was payd version of the game and open was the free version.. i would say.. ok its normal this happen.. but BOTH ranked or open payd for the game i dont
  11. Hello, first of all i want to say i love your game and all the work your put into making this a better game. But.. sincerly i feel kinda disapointed at this moment.. i am an open player because when i give trendyent a chance i was always getting dcs and was very annoying so i decided to go open and now i am here 160h later. Ranked can enjoy exclusive content and now will be able to export their chars to open to enjoy the mods while open will still be the same crap since the beggining.. i have nothing against getting ranked players to open.. wich is actualy good.. more open players.. but
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