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  1. Yep, well, best thing to do is to hand make a chart. Grab a bunch of weapons, export to open and use the mana map to upgrade them. It's interesting, but the cap fluctuates as you go up in upgrade levels now. For example, the Chainsaw Sword will alternate between 123 and 124 each increment when you hit that "cap". I'll give you a head start with what I've done so far: Chainsaw Sword: 123, 124 alternating Hit cap around ~823 Gladius (plain crossguard): 111, but will occasionally upgrade 112 every 7 to 8 upgrades Hit cap around ~740 Crystal Sword: 103, 104 alternatin
  2. You will need to go to a higher tier area. Try Insane Survival on Ramparts. You can also find them in Glitterhelm.
  3. I think your method is wrong and will produce inaccurate numbers. If you want to measure the swing time you should take a video with FRAPS, CamStudio or something like that then check the time stamps in a some kind of video editing software or use a stopwatch to measure the time of multiple attack rounds then divide to find the time for just one. I've only measured a few weapons but I can tell you that all of them either did four hits in 1.25 seconds, 1.75 seconds, or 2.8 seconds. None of them do only 2 swings per second. Hi John Hadley, thank you for your response. While I agree that
  4. Ah, I see what I did wrong, I'm glad you did the export method, it's way more reliable. However, glad you reported back as well, I'm getting closer with my math and being able to predict final damage values.
  5. Agreed on Death From Above. I'll add Ramparts survival to that too. There's something -Epic- about standing on a rooftop shooting into a sky turned black with a horde of wyverns.
  6. Highest Couteau? Near perfect ones from what I understand are about 200 starting damage and 40ish upgrades. You're much more likely to get something closer to 150 damage and 30-37 upgrades, though.
  7. Olympus, I'm gonna guess will end around ~5400 (+/-20) and the cutter at around 4150 (+/-20). Please let me know how close I am. >.>
  8. Heh, open mode definitely works. Um... Having looked at the initial upgrades for weapons, it looks like the training sword you have will place a close second to the katana. It looks like the katana is about 5~6% better than the Olympus. Note that that's only with straight melee swinging, no circle slash or joust or anything. Also, my math might be slightly off, so if you export to open you can double check.
  9. Good additional advice, Goatbreeder. I'd have to add that speed has a hard cap at like 100 (having more than 100 points in speed literally does nothing). So if your equipment is pushing your speed up past 100, you can spec out some points.
  10. What is the type of weapon for each of those? I can make an educated guess that the curved cutter is a katana type blade? Could you describe or screenshot what the Olympus blade looks like?
  11. Congratulations on level 70! I think a lot of people that are building DPS squires focus on 100 character attack, 100 character health, and 100 bloodrage, though I could be wrong. Perhaps start with a high-five, attainable from Ogre Crush. Build up to getting a Couteau from Spooktacular. If you can get a good one, use that to go through hard or insane glitterhelm with some friends. Make sure you're getting a matching set of armor when you upgrade your gear. Lastly, look at some of the insane survival runs if you have a super long chunk of time to kill. Again, a good close group of frie
  12. I think their definition of slower is something different than yours. I have heard that the hammer is buffed. I'm just guessing, but I bet the chainsaw sword is too.
  13. It is coming out as 4 swing/sec to me. My couteau does: 5099+60, 6884+81, 8414+99, 8414+99. All added does 29150. The DPS meter on the dummy holds steady at 29150.
  14. Good job, raspiral9. It's always cool to have people interested in offering numbers and stats. I haven't looked into the damage % that the countess does with her swings yet, so this has been informative for me. Looking through the code, I see that the given percentage increase is 15% and 16% for physical weapon damage and elemental weapon damage, respectively. However, as you noticed for elemental damage, and I noticed for physical, they seem to have a slight lowball to it. If you follow the formula for upgrading (...\HeroEquipment.uc line 1405) you end up calculating a number a couple
  15. Thank you for your reply, Stinglock, I appreciate it. I hope to keep working on this - who knows what kind of changes may happen in the future to the squire weapons, haha. Mr. Stieglitz has commented on just taking a look at tweaking some of the squire weapons, who knows.
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