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  1. I didnt know that you are pew pew pew but it doesnt matter it gives you good item or bad item game need really good challenging things that anyone cant do with lower than 7k stats it will make people who feel like hacking when using these kind of items (7-8-9k) they will use it withouth feeling bad and it force players to farm ultimates for good reason.IMO i believe like that. Note: Im sry for my bad english
  2. We must see Hearth projectile attack more in the game its soo cute :)
  3. Sry if i understood wrong.I didnt mean items with better stats (good items) maybe same quality or less or little more better i dont care actually stats quality what i meant is better customization sets. But rare as hell (like ult sea horse,bunny costume). I know too many end game players playing with lesser stats even they can get more for fun.Improvement of stats wont be goal of everyone but better customization items probably will be good goal of end game players who feel like cheating.This thing i am talking about probably required full team of end game players.(More challenging i mean) I was talking Black Mamba about the phoenix after i failed the boss and he said "I failed in my first 5 run after that i've never failed." You said "Ember has been seen as challenge for endgame players by the CDT." but if someone never fails after first 5 run i dont think like its challenging.(Dont take it offensive pls just my opinion). And the problem is after you get your trans gear game stops for playing starts for FARMING rare items (like ult sea horse). Cause after trans set you could be able to do every map easily very very easily.Tell me if i am wrong There is no point of Farming ult-sup gear or except rarity.These items dont help you to finish any map you failed. Thing about pew pew pew he has guide which he cleared all game on NM with only 2K stats.If u can finish entire game with 2k, OFC no one want to play with 7-8-9k.It always fells like hacking because game doesnt have any challenging map.If anyone see they cant be able to do map with 5k or less they will farm the gears not for rarity for progress of game.I saw all of end game players trying to farm ULT horse or better because of rarity.IMO this is not funny Farming best dps pet for just rarity (for nothing).Yeah better gear Speeds up the farming but if u Successed it doesnt matter IMO. These are just my opinions dont take it offensively any of them if i exceed accept my apologise. NOTE: I'm Sorry for my bad English i hope you understand what i meant.
  4. Hello everybody. Phoenix is the most powerful boss ever but it doesnt make sense when you are thinking about phoenix.Phoenix should reborn IMO. We discussed little bit about this idea.There are 2 different opinion. 1) Im thinking about changing Phoenix in Embermount map 2)They should add a new map like a challenge (probably Embermount map challenge version they should give all mana to build) Phoenix Idea: After phoenix dead it should reborn again like real Phoenix for 1 time.It's new version should be more powerful than before dead. 1 st Phoenix = 1x powerful 2 nd Phoenix (after reborn i mean) = 6x powerful It should give good items who win that map and if CDT add new very rare items for this map idea it will be new goal for end game players .It will be very hard even for end game players really challenging stuff.Building all ember and at the end fight with really hard boss 2 times at the end will be very good, hard to farm and funny. Feel Free to Discuss... I'm sorry for my bad English i hope you understand what i mean. GOOD DAY DEFENDERS...!!!
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