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  1. i want this on my phone i know its not on play store but anyone know how to get it No. See below for the official announcement. [QUOTE]Android fans, I have some bad news to share with you. I sat down with the development team to talk about when Second Wave will be coming back to the Google Play Store. I’ve been informed that Second Wave will not be coming back to the store. Our previous hosting arrangement for the game expired, which is why the game went down from the store. To modify the code to use Google’s new content hosting features is too costly.[/QUOTE] Luckily I have a titanium backup of it :)
  2. man, i don't understand how a game developer can allow one system to get updated before the other, that's kinda messed up, I got a ps3 but am not willing to buy dlc cause i already bought it all on xbox, just dissapointing to me that i have to wait for xbox :( It is not up to the developer. The developers are at the mercy of the console makers, Sony or Microsoft. The benefit PC has, is that Steam puts up patches for PC version pretty much as quick as a Steam staff member notices the patch waiting to go live. There have been cases where its taken half a day, so Trendy rang up Steam, and woke someone up, and the patch was posted. Each platform has its benefits, but is ultimately let down by Sony or Microsoft's patch certification process (and the time it takes).
  3. Make sure you have guardians for each character, as well as Animus for each character. People tend to forget animus and guardians for each Apprentice, monk, Squire and Huntress.
  4. The wiki is completely wrong. That will hit well over 50k. Heh, your own weapon.., I am using a classic's right now, I will have to check up on the Damage per shot per up then when I load the game next.
  5. Well, the Staff has ONE projectile, just no Extra projectiles. Its a good staff, just that You get the SINGLE projectile. If you max the shot damage field, it will hit 42988 (at 106 per up, according to DD Wiki).
  6. Hmmmmm tough one. Ramparts I like to solo (Insane HC), I like how I can sit upstairs, but jump downstairs and tackle the Ogre, then run back up. Summit - I like to set up the towers defending crystals, then sit above the drawbridge arch (Where ogre walks on to map), cleaning up the mobs walking up the stairs. If one slips through, I can teleport back to the crystals and fix the problem. I dont like Servants Quarters, too cramped.
  7. Test: See how far upstream you can get in the water fall before it washes you back to the lake.
  8. Its Wednesday in Australia..., Had to check Steam status, That dreaded "No Connection".
  9. Long before this we knew the game was already messed up with girls running faster than guys. That's not true to life. Should we expect the adult heroes to be any different now? True hey, I heard that Female sperm are slower than Male sperm.., Even sperm have phat arses :)
  10. Steam: View > Players > Recent. You find his username, and there will be a 'Profile' link.
  11. Patch Notes: * Lowered The King's Game difficulty by 15%. I think you made a typo, I held my own on Insane HC, till I fell off the map and an archer found a blind spot and arched my crystal, that was pre patch. New patch, I went to plain INSANE (Not Hardcore), and i got my *** handed to me on the SECOND wave.., Shouldnt you mean you INCREASED the difficulty 15%. ? Off I go to OPEN mode, Make myself some weapons in DDDK to stat my defenses damage to like 2 Billion a shot.., that should do it.
  12. Although to some people its obvious, the line between Open and Ranked is never distinguished. This happens a lot. I'm sorry to hear about all your wasted time. It would be nice if Trendy made the tiniest of effort to communicate to their players how their game works. over 50% of "I have lost my characters Trendy" are because of this :) Although, does not explain why, Joined one of my Steam buddies in a game yesterday, and my character's weapon was only hitting for like 20k...., was not my usual weapon, I had to go back to my OWN tavern, and then rejoin his game, and my usual weapon reappeared.
  13. Awesome. Every GB counts when you've got a small-ish hard drive. Just dont activate the DDDK in the tools menu, it will download it again, using your valued GB's. Thats why when I last updated something, I used a 2TB HDD as the system primary, with 512GB just for boot, with Apps on its own 1TB partition.
  14. have fun??? the first gift box spawn me a ogre . my face me lvl 1 with 200 hp and ogre about over 24.000 LOL tell me about it, HP on the ogre was like 15k, with a Jester, level 9 or 10 or something, with a puny putt putt weapon giving 20 damage :)
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