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  1. Is anyone else unable to select a map when playing Trials mode Chaos 1 (or any of the Chaos levels for that matter)? Whenever I create a session and play that session, it randomly selects a map from the playlist. Is that supposed to happen? I'd rather select my map individually.
  2. Is anyone else hating the inventory controls for the PS4 version of DD2? If the devs could play Destiny on PS4 and try to mimic that game's inventory controls, that would be amazing. DD2 on consoles beg to have a cursor based inventory system.
  3. Can someone please tell me why there is a warm-up phase now?
  4. I love the default character speed, the animations, the art style, and the new enemy paths. It's a really well put together game.
  5. Does anyone else miss those satisfying check marks we would get in DD1 for beating maps on different difficulties? Because I sure do. In DD2 I often find myself without any goal or motivation because none of the maps show my history or progress. Please bring back the check marks! Or some sort of a ranking system for maps and difficulties. Like a star system where the better you do in one map, the more stars you get. If Devs add that, I'll definitely be working towards getting all the stars for all the maps.
  6. Does anybody else think the DD2 devs should add an offline mode to help maximize CPU performance when playing in private tavern either alone or splitscreen? I feel like the Devs' decision to create an 'always online' experience penalizes the players who are not interested in playing with others online, in that CPU performance takes a massive hit.
  7. Does anybody else miss or desire the ability to go through your inventory at the same time as your couch buddy? Because I sure do. Waiting for my friend to finish going through his inventory really ruins my gameplay flow. I know splitscreen inventory management wasn't perfect in DD1, but I really do miss it.
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