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  1. No biggie, but should be polished out nonetheless. To reproduce: attack, quickly jump and follow with another attack.
  2. While being able to shoot them from a distance is nice, accidentally setting them off with a stray shot isn't. I would like for them to only go off intentionally. This. Maybe heroes could have a trap detonator bow or something? You need to hit the detonator with it, so that controls not being able to activate any trap from anywhere.
  3. The cosmetics and heroes could cost from 5-10$ or even more, but they should have at least occasional sales. From 25 to 75 percent off of some item every day or something.
  4. Alright, whats the ending? Which champion wins? I must not have gotten to the point where credit roll and you see that your efforts haven't been in vain. You obiously save some damsel... Caitlyn? Or is it Ashe? maybe Teemo, that ugly midget... Please tell me the ending. Tell me how playing a PvP game has an ending. I mean, there are lots of runes to collect and rune pages to buy, that cost tons. You will have sufficient amounts without paying only after like 500 hours. That's what I mean.
  5. The thing about those two games is that both are skill based. Every match starts with everyone at Level 1. It doesn't matter much if you have leveled your account up to 30 or not because all games are balanced for the most part. So you can get a boost to exp and crap but it doesn't hurt the game play but making people get to the end game fast... because there isn't an endgame. Sorry to say but LoL has "endgame" with the runes and owning the champions and stuff.
  6. Sorry I am late for the thread, as for every thread. I just want to say, if Trendy sees, that if you really want to have a good guy business model in this game, do not put any actual content only accessable by cash. I am completely ok with all cosmetic effects, and boosts to get to top faster. The payment model in League of Legends is quite cool in my opinion, even better in Dota 2 though.
  7. As I said pausing would only be allowed if no one is against it. If someone pauses, but someone resumes the game, the player who needed to go will have to leave the game, or leave the thing and keep playing
  8. I think it's important for the loots versatility to have negative stats. It allows for a wider range of random stats, and can create interesting builds.
  9. The system in Dota 2 is that one can pause/unpause once in about 5 minutes. You can't spam it then.
  10. If there's a wave going on, and someone is having problems (IRL or in-game), it'd be cool to be able to pause. It could work the same way as in Dota 2, that anyone could resume it, if they think there's no proper reason to pause. What do you think? Could be especially useful in longer waves.
  11. There would still be as many items, and as good items dropped, but it would be evenly shared for everyone, instead of the fastest getting everything or something. Nothing bad in this, or what do you think?
  12. It would be cool that enemies would have weak spots. Some armored enemies have some areas not covered, some get hurt more from back/head etc. Random crits would be a bit pointless.
  13. Exactly this! No point in everyone having a simple barricade like Squire, it would be dumb. This does feel nice though. Only Squire has a strong "wall", and others have something that will stop them from running straight to your towers, destroying them. Apprentice can bid farewell to his barricades after some explosive guys survive to them, though!
  14. Haven't tried yet, but I can imagine, as I cannot beat that forest with my brother on medium :/ Then what about nightmare? It would be a nightmare...
  15. I am truly waiting for the other maps, because if I did understand correctly, those other maps do not contain those annoying spiders! future creeps do not scare me!
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