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  1. Was checking through my recent tweets I had gotten since working the past few nights and saw one from Alan Kertz (Demiz99 on twitter) known for being a "Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3" and previously responsible for most of the balance and game tweaks that went on for a time before handing the position over... gave a yes to his buying Dungeon Defenders apparently. His twitter page: https://twitter.com/#!/Demize99 Tweet: [QUOTE]Demize99 "Indie game roundup for my weekend: Evochron Mercs, skip. SOL: Exodus ok. Dungeon Defenders: Buy![/QUOTE] Nothing major, but just though
  2. Are you the same guy on the GFAQs forum with the "TRENDY BAN THEM" topics and videos? :P But yeah, simply quote this from the modding discussion section regarding it: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?14864-Read-this-first-or-risk-your-account
  3. Thought I'd post one up of my own, being I've wanted to find an at least decent one for awhile and got one from my shop a bit ago. http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b296/BamboozledByAnime/Dungeon%20Defenders/?action=view&current=BoneBow.png Left version was a chest drop from either Hard or Insane Spires which I had been holding onto for awhile to perhaps up one day. Nothing else good showed up for awhile until the right version finally appeared in my shop, after an Insane Summit game. It had 69 Base damage and 6 SPS before I Up'd it. It's a large skull bow and Not QUITE DPS-capable as m
  4. *shrug* you can't please everyone, it's just not going to happen. I was already expecting something like this as the response, mostly because of just how much content has been put into the PC version than anything. The consoles just wouldn't be able to keep up and even moreso if content keeps on being released. At this point, it might as well be like what Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 were like... a Super and Ultimate came out for new characters and fixed issues. "(Insert adjective) Dungeon Defenders" Although those were not arcade games... heh. Thanks for the heads up finally~
  5. I actually like some of the differences between the two. I started out on PC and played with a rather large group of friends quite a bit. Once the multiple daily patches and things kept hitting, they started leaving one by one after having worked for their equipment only to be left behind as the better loot and methods to farm it came out. *shrug* I'm still addicted, and I was already playing it on my PC with a 360 controller too. SO, when I got a points card for Christmas, I went ahead and got the game on 360 when it got reduced to 800 MSP . It's like walking back in time really. The stuff
  6. You'd be surprised at the number of them I've come across with a deep voice, and sounding like they're either drunk or have been up for an excessive amount of time. Most of the chatter I hear on my TB headset though is trying to swap modded weapons with other modded weapons. Think my favorite encounter thus far has been when I had joined an Ogre crush on insane, which had a guy with hacked items of course. So, I started setting up barricades to at least feel like I was doing something since I'd obviously not need anything offensive. Eventually I guess a "friend" hacker of his joined and they
  7. Thing I wonder about is, if they're REALLY the one who "hacked" their weapon. I joined a game last night and watched a few people asking the modders/hackers etc. for a weapon. I mean, I've reported 4-5 people since I started playing insane the other night, but would I be in the wrong if I go to report those people asking for them? They didn't make them... so should I just leave them be???
  8. Naturally us DPS huntresses firing off projectiles in the doorway during the cleanup phase are partly to blame, but, when that's the only thing coming out of there in a mob like that, what can you do? Especially with those AOE huntresses lol. I already recognized that. If you're playing with people from public games, don't expect every person to listen either. There shouldn't have to be a waiting period for them to come outside the doorway. They already have immunity for a few seconds after spawning, so why should I be forced wait for them even further after that due to wanting to be sur
  9. Bump of the day~ Just keeping it up on top so they will hopefully see and apply a fix. I know there's lots of other things they're probably working on that are even more important, but hey, there's always a list!
  10. Bumping this up since the main idea from my OP I didn't see as fixed in the recent or coming 7.11 patch notes~ If they did this I'd want a way to turn it off. EVen at insane survival wave 20 I see see total garbage drop all over. I'd have for my inventory to get full of that when something really nice drops later that I can't pick up. Well, I suppose another way around it is having a window (after a wave or round is completed) that opens up for you to possibly select one of the items that you were unable to get as a keeper, rather than cluttering up your bag space immediately? Still woul
  11. Amazing what happens when people try to read too far into things~ Look guys and girls, just take it for what it is and continue on your marry way of enjoying the game. Regardless of weather or not the characters are of age or child-like etc., you're still playing Tower Defense and are offered a hero of choice to keyword: role-play. Which... can be just about anything the developers want it to be or lead you to believe. On a minor note, notice the facial hair on the Male Hunter? What say you all then eh? :P
  12. Also, loot and mana from dead wyverns somewhere out there in the air.. :V This too, actually. We setup our defenses to stop wyverns from coming in, yet we lose out on their item drops as well as the mana from killing them. That mana is crucial sometimes to early setups when trying to get that proper defense up, and then mid to late-game when you're running about trying to keep things repaired while also upgrading. Have to wonder sometimes too what loot you're missing out on. Would be nice if that loot were to simply make it to your inventory bag (unless you're full) rather than free-falling
  13. Sorry if this should go in suggestions, but being I see a-lot of "Fix" related topics here, I figured it'd be okay. As for the topic; I've been doing a-lot of Alch. Lab Insane Survival lately, and the one thing I've noticed getting to be a slight thorn is being unable to pickup loot that gets stuck out of our reach in doorways. I'd like to see it where the items actually drop outside the doorway when the monsters are killed, rather back in the door itself. Naturally us DPS huntresses firing off projectiles in the doorway during the cleanup phase are partly to blame, but, when that's the o
  14. So what 1.10e means is, by the time a wave ends for insane survival... there should be naught but at least decent-good gear on the floor for us now because 1) Junk loot is deleted rather than old loot and 2) Insane survival timer is gone, which means we have all the time to go out and look at it :O?? I think I'm digging this patch...
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