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  1. Emphasis added is mine. We discussed that map rotation was something we'd like to do, but we don't have 100% plans on doing that right now. If we do rotate the maps, it would only be for the highest Chaos tier currently available (which is Chaos V right now). Now, with those pesky clarifications out of the way, who else on the forums would like for us to rotate the Chaos V maps? And if not, why not? I'd love to hear from both sides. No, don't just rotate the highest tier. Rotate Every Tier, Every Day. This is supposed to be "Chaos", not "Eventually Things Will Change Occasionally".
  2. I get the strong impression based upon Iamisom's replies to threads like these that the Trendy Dev Team has never bothered to perform even cursory number crunching on the mechanics they are implementing, and literally has no idea what the impact of their changes will be until an experienced player tells them what it is.
  3. Please open up the restrictions on what shards can be equipped in which equipment slots. It seems really strange to me that any given shard can only be socketed into one specific piece of equipment. For some shards the restriction makes sense (such as Speed Boost applying to Boots), but many others it does not. For example, why is Jackpot limited to Chest pieces? It could just as easily have been Gloves (since you supposedly "pick up" gold"), or Boots (since you actually run over gold to "pick it up"). I understand why is was done this way... The Devs didn't want players putting Bulwarks and Critical Strikes in every slot, and it was easier to program the UI to check if you already had a particular shard in that slot... but that is a terrible, lazy, excuse for so severely limiting the pool of available shard combinations. I should be able to have a squire with Bulwark, Retribution, and Annoyance, but currently I can't because they are all chest slot shards.
  4. Thankfully come next patch-day there will be Chaos levels where Vanguards don't spawn.
  5. It's "Maaggiic" *googley eyes*... but seriously it is pretty stupid that the Vanguards negate projectiles. Instead they should simply take 90% reduced damage from them like the Siege Roller does.
  6. Dear gods Kevinhyldig... our poor eyes! If you want people to take your opinions seriously, please learn how to write a cohesive thought. Have you ever heard of punctuation? What about sentence structure?
  7. Currently the only NPCs we have any real reason to interact with are the Bartender (to report Bugs), the Treasure Pirate (to occasionally buy pets and keys for cosmetics), the Pet Twins (to hatch, upgrade, and reroll pets), the Scavenger (very rarely), and the Seamstress (to equip costumes). We have a few NPCs that should be useful... but simply aren't. Such as the Blacksmith, the Relic Hunter, and the Wayfarer. The main issue being that none of these NPCs sell anything that's actually worth buying. I would like for there to be more NPCs to interact with, and more reasons to interact with NPCs and the world. For example: We could be speaking with the commander instead of interacting with the map to join/create sessions. We could be speaking with various NPCs around town to acquire daily & weekly missions. There could be merchants in town which sell randomly generated Campaign & Chaos Shards. There could be more fluffy NPCs that tell us how awesome we are and how we saved their kingdom... oh wait, we didn't did we? Has anybody ever noticed how nihilistic the plot of this game is?
  8. I'm not doing C4 yet, so my advice may be less than helpful but... As counterintuitive as it sounds... stop trying to actually wall off the lane. I found the AI gets really stupid and does strange things if you completely block their path. I use a single Skeletal Orc in each lane (which are very good at drawing threat) plus a two or three-node Reflect Beam in each lane just on the outskirts of the orc's range. I place them as close to the lane-line as possible to ensure enemies run into the orc.
  9. I am also not opposed to the OPs suggestion, except that I do not think a given lane should ever generate special mobs from opposing themes (Cyborks and Geodes for example).
  10. I think instead of randomly generating certain lanes... that Chaos VI and above (or whichever Chaos tier ceases to introduce new special enemies) should randomly generate an entire theme instead. For example, one run the Old One's Armies might use an Anti-Projectile strategy, and other times they might use an Anti-Trap strategy, while still others they might choose to use an Anti-Blockade, Anti-Area/Aura, or Anti-Hero strategy. However, I don't think they should ever employ more than one such strategy at a time... it simply limits the player's options too much. This way early Chaos tiers are teaching players the strategies, and later tiers are simply employing them randomly with higher and higher level enemies.
  11. "Measureable Progression" is almost always an illusion. When you gain a level, your stats improve, and typically so do those of your enemies; assuming you continue to participate in the highest tier of content available to you at any given time. In other words, your numbers improve on paper, but in practice the level of difficulty doesn't actually change if the game is properly designed. I would be perfectly happy if DD2 were an arcade game that had neither levels nor equipment. Even when I was level capped, and had the best equipment I could ever hope to find for every character I cared about, I still played regularly. I play DD2 because I legitimately enjoy the core gameplay, not because I'm addicted to gaining better and better equipment or stats or any of those other systems designed to instill a false sense of achievement.
  12. I heartily approve of all of these changes. It is worth noting however that the Hero Deck Rolodex isn't as bad as people keep complaining. The Middle-Mouse Roller scrolls through them quite quickly, so I've never had any trouble scrolling through all of my (admittedly only 8) heroes checking for equipment upgrades and assigning ascension levels. Likewise, the MMR scrolls through bags too, so I haven't had much trouble quickly moving items from one bag to another. On the other hand. I would really like to be able to drag a shard directly onto an item and have that shard be equipped into the first available slot (unless that item already has that shard slotted). I would also very much like to be able to rearrange my rolodex. I want to be able to put heroes in whatever arbitrary order I like.
  13. I would be much more interested in/excited about a real talent system (ala older editions of World of Warcraft) which gave legitimate opportunity costs. As much as I like it in principle, one of the issues with having a "Utility Tree" is there aren't enough mutable game-elements in DD2 which don't directly relate to either a heroes power, or their defenses power. XP Gain, Gold/Medals Gain, and Item Find are good examples... but what else is there really?
  14. For average players, getting to level 3,000 would take years. But there were players hitting level 200+ just days after the system was implemented. Since one of the recent patches capped the XP to level at 2.5m, it is entirely reasonable that hardcore players can get between 5-10 levels a day. That comes out too 1,825-3,650 levels per year.
  15. Diablo 3 was a terribly designed (if beautiful) game, and I hated paragon levels. The entire concept of infinite leveling is contrary to the basic purposes of leveling systems. "Levels" as they pertain to character development have just two legitimate purposes. The first purpose is to provide an smoother learning curve. Games with lots of abilities/game elements to master benefit from level systems by allowing the designers to limit the number of abilities/game elements the players are exposed to at once. The second purpose is to gate content (aka: "You must be this awesome to complete this content"). The idea of infinite levels demands the developers be able to provide an infinite supply of content, and that simply isn't a feasible solution. Game developers cannot produce content as quickly as players can plow through it. Eventually players are going to hit ascension levels that trivialize all of the content accessible in the game, and every time the developers release something new, said players will plow through it again in a fraction of the time it took to produce.
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