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  1. Sad isn't it, I think the iPad or Android can take the mob load. Is MP enabled between Mobile to PC yet? Ive tried many times to cross platform with my Ipod to PC but have not succeeded in MP-ing yet
  2. Is it just me, or does the mobile version have less Defense Units available in a map compared to the PC version.
  3. As I've been playing I've noticed that i don't get nearly as much mana when i'm playing on my ipod as when I'm playing on my PC... I've also noticed that while playing some mana seems to disappear off the screen... Is this mana stored into my mana bank? or is it a bug? Also on the PC you can get extra mana from awards (Like taking no damage) is this feature on IOS because i'm not sure... I've experienced the same thing, But do you realise that you don't get as much Defense Unit as the PC version? Mana disappears off screen for me usually when I don't pick it up and start another co
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