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  1. When I try to play I don't have any sound for dungeon defenders. All my other sound for google, discord, etc works fine it's just dungeon defenders. Anyone experienced this and find a fix?
  2. Glad to seem I'm not the only one. In my personal opinion it feels like their killing the game before it's even started, I don't really care to play right now because none of the characters feel fun and especially after doing my speed runs I can beat the game so fast on Medium or Hard.
  3. Full disclosure I haven't played the patch yet so everything i say could be irrelevant as well as this is literally the first balance update. However, I feel like in a PvE style game where you don't need to worry about a character being too OP and instead make them fun. This newest patch just nerfed the huntress as a way to get us to play other characters. When I was playing initially I was trying all the characters and personally none of them did anywhere near the damage that the Huntress did and so I wasn't having as much fun on them. In my opinion the Monks abilities and traps didn't scale
  4. Yeah that's why I want to get it on PC now becuase I don't have to wait for the game I've been watching and drooling over. I can just switch platforms get a key and claim all my rewards and play this awesome game.
  5. I picked the xbox for the platform that I wanted to receive once released but seeing as how there isn't any release on sight can I switch it so I can just play it on PC without buying it again?
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