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  1. I just started playing DD1 again but something I always remembered was the tavern being themed for the different holidays. Is there no way to change it outside of waiting till the different holidays if they even still do that.
  2. Is there any upcoming increase to difficulty? With the addition of runes everyone's power both new and old has become greatly increased and now the Keep is easily AFKable. Right now it feels like there needs to be a new modifier or completely new difficulty. I don't know what the new difficulty would offer outside of obviously stronger enemies but I feel like DDA needs an increase in challenge now that we've been geared up.
  3. I was playing massacre mixed mode, rifted + HC on Alchemical Labs and at the 800-1000 enemies mark only skeletons with a mix of assassins begin coming out. This slows the map down to a crawl. The map has 1300 enemies with 2 ogres and 300-500 real enemies before this occurs. In my opinion either the map needs to change enemy count or a toggle that makes the enemy count lower but harder sort of like rifted but no need for new loot just 5-10% better loot chance. This isn't an issue of only Alchemical labs in my experience either it's as a whole on every map.
  4. I don't know... I just remember hearing pt 1 will come early August which it did then pt of the update will come late in August which it didn't but I may have heard wrong
  5. Have you tried reaching out to them? I doubt Chromatic would just ignore the situation. I don't know if you hacked, but if you joined a hacker or they joined you then that's why you'd be banned. Only Chromatic knows why you were banned. I'd ask them.
  6. Wasn't the second part of the DDA update for August supposed to be out before the end of the month? I thought I remember during one of the streams or the actual patch notes saying it was going to be out by now.
  7. So I posted a little while ago and thought I'd do it in a different channel see if anyone notices this, but I don't have any sound when playing DD1. I open the game and here a brief noise of the loading screen but after that it cuts. The sound worked fine a few months ago and nothings changed since then. Anyone know a solution?
  8. I just wanna make sure I'm up to date on what exactly is coming in Episode 2. There is still a hero and 2 maps not yet revealed (as far as I know) however, based on the PTR we could expect Episode 2 within the next month. Are they being revealed during then, or... is "Episode 2" more of a 1.5 before the heroes and maps as well as some new features?
  9. When I try to play I don't have any sound for dungeon defenders. All my other sound for google, discord, etc works fine it's just dungeon defenders. Anyone experienced this and find a fix?
  10. Glad to seem I'm not the only one. In my personal opinion it feels like their killing the game before it's even started, I don't really care to play right now because none of the characters feel fun and especially after doing my speed runs I can beat the game so fast on Medium or Hard.
  11. Full disclosure I haven't played the patch yet so everything i say could be irrelevant as well as this is literally the first balance update. However, I feel like in a PvE style game where you don't need to worry about a character being too OP and instead make them fun. This newest patch just nerfed the huntress as a way to get us to play other characters. When I was playing initially I was trying all the characters and personally none of them did anywhere near the damage that the Huntress did and so I wasn't having as much fun on them. In my opinion the Monks abilities and traps didn't scale
  12. Yeah that's why I want to get it on PC now becuase I don't have to wait for the game I've been watching and drooling over. I can just switch platforms get a key and claim all my rewards and play this awesome game.
  13. I picked the xbox for the platform that I wanted to receive once released but seeing as how there isn't any release on sight can I switch it so I can just play it on PC without buying it again?
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