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  1. I assume ramster works just like flamethrower (apprentice, not the direct command), which also cannot damage birds.
  2. If it's intentional, it's flawed then. The softcap is way too sharp, and for apprentice and huntress. way too early too. If anything it makes more sense to stagger the benefits such that there're several thresholds.
  3. For Abyss Lord, from 1-100 points we get 162+ hp per point. From 101 onwards we get 9 hp per point. Surely this isn't intentional, as it means there's very little point putting over 100 points in hero health. Likewise for Squire, from 1-100 points we get 160+ hp per point. From 101 onwards we get 12 hp per point. Apprentice has it worse, with soft cap at 15 points: 125+ hp per point before that, 9 hp per point after.
  4. Actually, fixing a database value is easier than fixing the UI. Just pointing out.
  5. you just need to how to place them ;) iam fine with the flamethrower uber. No matter how you place them they'll still be in range of ogre stomp if they're in range of damaging ogre.
  6. Been trying to open a NM1 liferoot map, in both private and public. Timer goes down, it mentions joining a room, and after a while that message just disappears, putting me back into unjoined status.
  7. Given the number of complaints, I wouldn't consider it adequately ready for consumption, and it's definitely not feature complete either. There are milestones implied by their roadmap, they just didn't announce them adequately to us. Nightly builds isn't a requirement, period, especially when there're multiple teams working on a single project, and forcing assets to build so rapidly is more likely to break the software and increase the necessity for wipes. Though one has to note that they DID do almost nightly builds when testing some of these new mods. For note: I honestly think they're hinde
  8. Also for reference, some features which I deem core and isn't implemented yet: 1) A PROPER MATCHMAKING SYSTEM/LOBBY. Can't stress this enough. 2) A way to adjust tower skins. It's in the feature list for early adopters, thus it should be considered core. Also some things which isn't definitively core but I'd hope is. 1) Complete revamp of uber sphere/skill system, such that instead of equipping an uber sphere to change a skill/tower, you can equip skills/spheres into a skillbar of sorts, directly editing them, and possibly with a limit to the number of towers you can bring to a match. 2) Compl
  9. While I appreciate the fact that you even take the time to respond TrendyBrad, it still infuriates me that you and everyone in this community continues to refer to DD2 as being in "pre-alpha" phase. I have been working in technology for nearly 20 years and I suggest you look at the software release lifecycle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle Pre-Alpha The software is still under active development and not feature complete or ready for consumption by anyone other than software developers. There may be milestones during the pre-alpha which deliver specific sets of funct
  10. I feel like I'm getting 3x explody swords (on apprentice). :P
  11. Why would you think people even be multiboxing at all? I think Multiplayer bonuses makes sense since it encouraging co-op. If multiplayer gave bonuses, a solo player could multi-box, putting 4 players in their team while only playing as only 1, in order to get the multiplayer bonus.
  12. How much temp inventory did you get? How long did it take for you to sort out all the petfoods/eggs (if you bothered with that)? Heck, how long did it take to begin with?
  13. It's trigger radius, the game shows this multiple ways such as range spheres only effecting trigger radius & the circle gets bigger with them on thus it's trigger radius. Blaze Balloon also shows trigger radius so it'd only make sense other traps did the same. I'm assuming Pachipachio has trap range on their helmet & that they use range spheres to get the trigger radius that large, it's also elemental chaos which has a larger radius then regular explosive traps. Though I'd not really put blaze balloon in the same category since it functions somewhat differently from normal traps, but
  14. Multiplayer bonuses makes no sense. A solo player can effectively get the multiplayer boost by multiboxing, if it was implemented as such. It would only make sense if multiplayer is made more difficult, but in that case, why not just make it a higher difficulty so that solo players can enjoy said difficulty without multiboxing?
  15. Boost also provides more HP to dummies, and further boost frost-boosted defenses.
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