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  1. Ye, it wasfixed you said? It will be fun again they said. Well... not really, I have had stuck siege rollers on every c3 and almost every c4 map and I am starting to get really frustrated. I know I am not the only one reporting this, so I ask you.. Were the **** is the fix you "promised" us? 
  2. I have the problem when I try to launch it the launcher works just fine, but after I press "play" the trendy entertainment logo comes up and everything is fine, I can see the cutscene about the crystals getting moved to Dragonfall, but after that and I get to were I can press "go to town", "private tavern" and so forth. At this point the screen freezes and it goes black, and when I try to run it again, It goes black from the beggining, but I can hear the trendy entertainment and the cutscene, but the screen is black and it freezes after the cutscene at "go to town". Please contact if you need a video or picture or just more details about my problem.
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