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  1. I only received KS Giraffe code on my mail.
  2. KS backer here. I think that all KS rewards were promised on 1.0 launch as stated on Update #23 post on KS. #22 stated, that all KS tiers now were tied to storefront tiers. With all of that, I still expect to see soundtrack/guide/artbook. If I recall correctly, there's s $40 preorder tier which includes them. And my early bird KS tier is at least tied to that, if I'm not wrong. Any response for this?
  3. As I understand, the update will appear in some minutes, maybe hours.
  4. Somehow I haven't noticed DD v8.3 RC Patch Notes... Will add this link above now.
  5. Will there be any changes in RC (like final bugfixes)? And can we see something like change log from the latest beta?
  6. I don't know if someone noticed it, but Trendy finally uploaded CDT Update 3 Release Candidate to Steam (December 21, 2017 – 21:43:01 UTC)! It can be accessed in Betas menu (cdt_update_3 branch). It is not the actual CDT Update 3 still, but it is a candidate to be it (it's obvious because it named Release Candidate). P.S. Still hoping in DD Collection sale on release... BTW, winter sales now, DD is on sales. P.P.S. DD v8.3 RC Patch Notes
  7. BTW, according to SteamDB last DD sale was on November 22nd-28th. But on DD Collection June 23, 2016 - July 4, 2016, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
  8. I've told here (comment on forum) that living in Russia gives it's features (lower prices on Steam, a way lower on sales). And it's also important for another countries that have lower prices.
  9. I hope that Trendy will make a sale on DD Collection. The waiting is too long...
  10. Yes. As I live in Russia, we have a much cheaper price on Steam, especially on sales. For example: $49.99 = 2876.8 russian rubles DD Collection price for Russia (and CIS, I think) is 999 russian rubles = $17.36 Now applying 80% sale as on last sales (June 23rd, 2016 - July 4th, 2016) USA: $9.99 = 574.9 rubles Russia: 199 rubles = $3.46 (very cheap) But unfortunately, Humble Bundle doesn't do this thing for sales :( So I'm waiting for Steam ones...
  11. Last year Christmas(i.e. Winter Sale), the DD collection wasn't on sale, only the base game was on sale which is kinda pointless. I asked some time ago when there will be collection sales. Ice said it will be on update release
  12. Will we have a discount of DD1 Collection on Steam? I think it will be good after last updates.
  13. What about not to wipe leaderboard every N month, but use it's values only for last N month? Then after N month some score on leaderboard will "expire", and not visible due to irrelevant value. And implement anti-exploit system, as [[42201,users]] said. This will: Player needs to refresh his highscore periodically, but if someone will have a better score, it also will be time-limited.Leaderboard hack/exploit detection which will tell to staff to check a person for stats and gears and then decide for a competitive/Trendynet ban.This "last N month period" thing can be made just as selecting scor
  14. Can you reduce timeout between mini-waves of enemies on Foundries and Forges & The Magus Quarters? I think it's a little bit longer than it needs to be. P.S. Sorry for bad English, just I'm Russian. Upd: And maybe beams on Myths? For players who just farming Myths. Switchable Myths blue beam. I think it will be useful for 74-83 lvl :)
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