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  1. Did you use DD2 in-game mailbox to redeem this key?
  2. Just got Gunwitch hero key! Well, I like that it worked even if you activate skin key first.
  3. Russia here. Got my code for Corrupted Gunwitch 35 mins ago. Although I don't have the hero unlocked :D
  4. With Epic's exclusives and price policy I hope that DDA won't be on EGS but on Steam as previous DD games. I think that EGS is still raw as a proper store.
  5. And true hardcore with items/heroes removal right from DD:E and beauty of mix mode from DD1 on top? :kek: Well, being serious, it's a bad example. Nightmare even gave you more health. So it's a thing of new content and features.
  6. What do you think of old currency systems for buying/upgrading/selling items? Which was better by your opinion? Personally, I don't know this for myself. DD1 fan in me tells about mana but I was not a good player of DD:E, so my opinion can be biased.
  7. Well, I think they were comparing Massacre to the good old DD1 Nightmare. So I don't know, how they will implement both NM and MS in DD:A.
  8. Trying to imagine how funny it would be on MSHC :D Bosses on every wave? xD Or spamming goblincopters? Now seriously, I'm really interested to see what will be at massacre difficulty. And trying to imagine the difference between NM and MS. Like Insane-NM difference is huge, thanks to the QFTLES DLC. But what will be the main feature of a new difficulty?
  9. Boss Rush Survival :D Don't be killed during regeneration :DDD
  10. Well, I'm just a guy with 10th Doctor on the avatar telling you to be careful with paradoxes, time travels and parallel universes :D
  11. 1) Can you fix the PS4&XBoxOne question in FAQ? Because of today's announcement. As well as why not mention it on description page? Like rename Nintendo Switch to multiple-platforms one. Or add a new one like last-gen gaming consoles support. 2) Description page says "Forum & In-game titles ($5+)". Well, it can be confusing, because in-game title isn't included in $5 tier. Am I wrong or right? Does it require a bit of correction then? 3) How fast digital goods like artbook, strategy guide & soundtrack will be available for purchase after release? Will they be available as DLCs? Well, OST can be as a redeem code on Bandcamp, but what about the rest goods? 4) Will there be any merchandise things after the release? Lol. Just asking if T-shirts are really exclusive or not (don't have this tier, but anyway).
  12. This question is answered on DD:A Kickstarter FAQ page.
  13. Well... My story comes from 2011-2012. Some friend of mine showed DD1 to me, so we played it via GameSpy (old cracked version... I can't even remember, was it 7.04?). I've remembered this game in 2015 or 2016. Was really excited about game's progress. I had a lot of hours during the summer-autumn of 2016 (like it was time of 7.50-8.smth). I've opened a really good multiplayer team play then. Well, it was still a cracked version, and since there was no GameSpy, I had to use Tunngle. Progressed nearly lvl82, even had one successful team survival on Glitterhelm Caverns iirc. I remember how long it was, I was sitting till 3-4 am :D But I was too excited to see how it ends. Major problem was that I didn't have enough money to buy DD Collection, because there was no discounts on it between 2016 and 2018 summers (I know about Humble Bundle etc, but in Russia even best $ discount was expensive). Even had complains about discount on DD Collection on forum and Steam discussions. Finally, Steam Summer Sale 2018 came. DD Collection got a long-waited discount. I've bought it. Now I have lvl74 heroes on ranked, and in future going to have a lot of time to deal with them. Tried to NMHC few campaign maps some days ago :D It was funny with Magus Quarters and goblincopters :DDD So, that's my story.
  14. Life shouldn't be easier, negative stats definitely must have a place in DD:A. Because they force you to grind, to collect more and more items, to compare and choose them wisely. My worry is about so called "calculator". It was funny to run to the "green" item and realize that it's a "godly" 15 damage sword :/
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