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  1. Poor M Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm too cheap for gifts, Avonlea gets no shoe! The stream is much fun, oh holy smokes, And I'll never forget, those old red strokes. DD and Garry's mod, even Terraria, Each night with OOP is quite the affairia... Every single time, its a raucous assembly, And most of the time, it's even child friendly, Puns there are a plenty, making it rain, Laughing and sighing, but mostly pain, Kana tells stories, and asks about all our dinner, Moobot's cow jokes, and announcing the winner, All the bad things, blame them on Rubby, And Pixel is cute, just a little bi
  2. That doesn't sound outside the realm of possibility, unless you mean tower/hero damage - the best I have found was in the 100k range i think with ~300 ups
  3. Yeah falling items is a bother as well, but I had an ult++ stuck out in the water where the wyverns fly in towards the dock area on BB, I died about 30 times trying to land on that ledge but no such luck - ironically enough if the items did fall off the map I wouldn't have thought about it
  4. I like the portal gun mod using e, that would be a great way to implement it without being overly complicated (I think). I will have to see if it can get me to some of the spots i regularly get stuck items at, cheers
  5. So, I don't know if it is just an unavoidable part of playing maps with fall off places, but I have seen a handful of good items when I just happened to be looking at the map fall out of the world in sky city / KG, and get stuck outside the map on countless others. Is there any way to have the items that would fall out of the world instead drop somewhere inside the map? Or a way to possibly crane machine from overlord mode the items outside the map - even if it was restricted to only build phase that would be nice, I just lost an ult++ something that was stuck out in the water on BB (In a huge
  6. I had to add summons on all maps but buccaneer bay, but my apprentice only has like 1k 3k 4k 2.5k so maybe my lightning towers aren't quite hearty enough. I did try a number of different things, and I was actually tempted to submit my tavern armory geared character times - it just seemed a bit shady since I don't actually have characters that good. My final setup ended up on most maps with my apprentice and EV using tower statted genies, EV with mana gun trying all manner of building during the combat waves but my build times is where i was the largest portion behind on basically every map sti
  7. My builders are between 4k and 5k on damage, and dps characters in a similar range, I think my biggest difference in combat times was probably on WW since the bosses do take me quite a while - my solo scores were several minutes slower on WW alone. During the build phase I believe is where stats would make the biggest difference since on a lot of maps at 4k or 8k you are still waiting for ogres on most combat phases. It didn't make a massive difference but I did try the maps again with my guys using the tavern armory pack stuff on open, and managed to shave a few minutes off due to less build
  8. Got it now I think Screenshots: Favorite DD christmas memory: My brother picked this game up on sale off steam and I plugged in a controller and we played over christmas break, getting tanked by everything, but after the first gloriously bad day we found a good groove and managed to finish the campaign on easy, then medium then hard, and proceeded to lose on insane for the rest of our break. Fast forward 5 years and I pick up a copy for myself and it suddenly seems so much easier...
  9. It's not about comfort, it just seemed weird that the person with the best times didn't follow what was stated in the rules. I'll just enter the random ones in the future, since having a giveaway of event items with a bias towards the players that already have event items is not something I can be terribly competitive in.
  10. So, I know I can't beat those times but is Kirby exempt from having to post steam screenshots since he is your friend? How do we know he just did those for this contest and it isn't an all time record that he was working on for months? Anyhow fun contest, ~12-16 hours of learning how to farm some good maps better, haha
  11. Yeah I didn't get these all either until I went back and did team effort / gunslinger / skin of your teeth on insane maps. Seems weird since I did real time strat on nightmare before and didn't get credit either
  12. Ah dang looks like Pjtor ran them again the last day too, so much for third place, can't compete with the guys with thousands of hours and all the event items yet I guess haha.
  13. I think they mean something like CD appear as a fifth map in shards once you have it unlocked harry, so you can toggle off the massive portal in your tavern.
  14. Auction over, thank you for buyers, will contact on steam
  15. Turkey turkey turkey rocking everywhere.. found you miss new turkey
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