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  1. Morning! With all the changes that are going on, is the Casters Guild still a thing? And to apply, do we still use the google docs question form? Cheers! -Kana Order of Paradox
  2. Morning all, Thank you to everyone that decided to join into the quiz night.. we had fun, and hope you all did as well. We had a few losses... A Ploutonion that made its way into the lava of Glitterhelm (thanks Atherial).. a Carapace of the Queen that went swimming in Embermount (Mutant Ken says hi)... a Beans Leftover that didnt survive the first wave of Deeper Well (Punquake shed a tear).. and a Ploutonion that wasnt able to fly very well in The Ramparts (for science.. and beacuse Sox said so). And throwing money (cubes) at the Summit does not help you win (just an added bit of info for you). But we also were able to find a home for a few as well: Queen Georgia to Air Joel (Herr Jeol)Howling Werewolf to HavocusPlout Onion to Creem Cheese thanks to ThieferGinger (and a cube!) to GarzhodA diamond to sox207Mask of the Pumpkin King to FearRebellion, thanks to ThePoet
  3. Morning all, I received a message from Havocus a moment ago stating "OH NO!!!! PLEASE DONT KILL ALL THOSE BEAUTIFUL EVENT ITEMS!!! WHAT CAN I DO TO SAVE THEM EVEN ONE OF THEM???" Despite the extreme use of capital letters... we have decided to give a one last chance for those items that have not been claimed, picked up, or asked to be held. Currently we have: Tens3, Area51, and ikulity who have asked us to hold their items past the deadline. So their items are safe.. Everything else.. the deadline is VERY close.. So.. for those items.. we are going to be doing a quiz show style giveaway tonight during our stream. starting at 9pm EST... twitch.tv/OrderofParadox <- thats where it will be People will be given a chance to save an event item (and take it home) if they can answer a couple (3-5?) questions about OoP and/or DD. Fail to answer the questions correct, and the lava takes home the prize...
  4. Hello Everyone, This is a reminder for those who haven't claimed their prizes yet. You have until Saturday 21st, 9 pm EST to receive your prize. After that time, when we start our stream, we will be throwing all of the remaining items in the LAVA. Hugs and kisses, -Avonlea-
  5. Bonjour, C'est Avonlea. Dis moi quel item tu aimerais avoir, et je pourrais essayer d'être en ligne demain soir ou vendredi soir pour te donner l'item que tu aimerais avoir. Je suis à la maison vers 23h heure de France. Avonlea
  6. I've updated the post with the available prizes.. iTysonTk ended up deciding on the Double Capping Diamond. Double Dark: I am available this Tuesday during that time, and you can browse the items available, or if you prefer you can choose an item, and Avonlea can be available a different day. Everyone has 1 week left to claim and get their items. If you need time longer than that, please let me know and we can talk about what we need to do to make sure you are able to get your item.
  7. I am opening a shop in game. If you have items to claim, you can come get them now. You can even pop in and choose your item if you havent chosen yet. Edit: Closed the shop (tuesday steam update closed my shop for me...) .. I will open it again later tonight, and the next few days when I am available.
  8. It is a first come first served situation. Let me know what you want and I will update the previous post. Everyone has until the 17th to let me know which items they would like. We can make arrangements to ensure you can collect your items. Unless you specifically ask otherwise, we are only holding these items until the 21st. After the 21st, every item leftover will be thrown into the lava... My best available times to collect the items are from 05:00 GMT to 08:00 GMT, but I am able to change my availability a bit in order to help you. I do have work and sleep, so I am not available 24/7... But, if you need a piece and only available when I am not available, Avonlea can help distribute the items, but we will need to know in advance so that I can transfer the items to her. Congratulations again to all the winners!
  9. Morning, Gratz to all the winners! Sorry for the delayed posting here. Below is the list of the winners (in the order that they were drawn): Washboard - Carapace of the Queentens3 - Queen GeorgiaFootball2001 - Mutantken - Cursed Brownieuncrowneddata - carmeldrizzel - Sam116 - Salemhurricane - Azure Peakzurkov - jaytac - Area 51 - Magora's MaskMichili - 6.2k monk dps (fully upped)piisamirotta - Gaia's Last Giftzesiro2 - exteryan - Hypernut101 - Lava CuffsGstar - Admiral Djinntikolord - Vortex Hammergoldlover125 - Arm Guard Radiationdouble dark - Cinnamoncfitzy88 - Serpacooper - Vortex Shiedikulity - Ultix - Mask of the Pumpkin Kingangry dog sounds - Ilovecheddah - Howling Werewolflootlovinggamer - Itysontk - Double cap diamondblegendz420 - Mana Mastergianthippo96 - Bryndomonium - CinnamonGarzhod - Ball Blaster The remaining prize list includes: 4 CubesNon-capping Diamond (Mayhem's first ever diamond)Ginger Ginger5k monk dps (un-upped acc) EternityPlout OnionQueen Georgia Plout OnionPlout Onion Atherial's 999 Tower Quietus Bean's Leftovers A link to the spreadsheet (with the same info as above) can be found here [ google docs ]
  10. "In" is not the next word in the sequence >.< The last word was "living"... the next word is "legends".
  11. So.. to steal the first ticket.. and to get everything started: Kana says: The Sword of ETHERIA (by konami for PS2)
  12. Morning! Welp.. this is our last giveaway for now. We have something like 30 or 40 event items to give away still, and we are going to give them all out with this giveaway. I will try to get a list of all the event items that we have and place them here a little bit later.. it is a bit to organize :) So.. on to the rules for this giveaway. Everyone here has heard those magical words.. over and over.. "Etheria was once a land of living legends..." In order to get into this giveaway you need to post a game (not Dungeon Defenders) that includes the next word in the opening sequence in the game title (The next word in the DD opening sequence must be in the title of the game.. feels like that is a bit vague.. hopefully not). For example: I could post "ETHERIA Soldiers" (dont think thats a real game) Avonlea could post "Thomas WAS alone" (that is a real game) To make life easier, please make the key word BOLD and UNDERLINED and CAPS Each person is allowed only 1 entry into the giveaway. There is a max of 123 entries into this giveaway (123 words in the opening sequence). We will be giving away 1 event item for every 2 people who enter (up to the max that we have). So please.. we are trying to give away all the items.. get as many people to enter as you can. We will be doing the drawing on our upcoming last DD1 stream for a while, Saturday July 7th. If the instructions are unclear, please feel free to ask me (Kana), and I will do my best to help you out. Hugs and Kisses! -Kana, Avonlea, and Mayhem- PS: Cheat sheet: Etheria was once a land of living legends. Long ago, brave warriors across the realm stood together against an immortal evil known as the Old Ones. In the wake of this struggle, the champions; the Archmage, Knight, Ranger and Templar, locked away the power of the Old Ones inside Eternia Crystals. Recently, the realm's heroes, called to a far away crusade, have left their younger kin to tend the castle and its chores. Bored with their dreary duties, and imagining action and adventure, the pupils accidently unleash an ancient force that has long been dormant! Now these heroes in training will have to grow up quickly. Together they will defend the Eternia Crystals against those who would seek to resurrect the ancient evils!
  13. Honestly - When I ran poly for the first time on hard (i think it was, maybe insane) - i ran out of time, because i took too long to kill the krakken.. but it DID warn me that one of them was fake. I was given an honest option to kill it, if I shot the wrong krakken then thats my problem. And, if I had infinite time, I can run around and find the Poly, kill it, then go back and kill the correct krakken. Given time, I could have beaten it. Also.. does the apprentice kill everyone? I did not know that... I know it does a big attack thingy with a huge area and nasty damage, but did not know it was a 100% level end-er However, to put a sincere rebuttal to your comment: As a newer player, when I ran sky city, I was not playing hardcore. I did die to the boss. And I learned "oh, that kills me", but I was able to continue in that map and try to beat the boss. I lost because my defenses were not amazing. But I did not lose because the boss was literally impossible for me when I ran it. I was able to replay the map, make my defenses better, and try again. For some bosses I learned that a barbarian is better to use than a huntress (for example: genie boss). But if I used the blaster rifle, the genie would go back into a lamp and I would just have to attack it multiple times. Using a barbarian I can (hopefully) kill it in 1 hawk. Or maybe 2 (my gear isnt that uber always). I dont mind that the boss is immune to normal damage, but there is literally no warning prior to the boss that lets you beat it. And if I was to think as a new player, someone who doesnt have thousands of hours of experience, and they are beating everything (barely) on normal.. and come into that map.. and dont just get an easy walk to the boss.. and get to the boss and are literally unable to do anything to the boss.. that is cruel. Putting a clue in the description is not anywhere I would look.. I dont think I have read many of the map descriptions.. have you honestly read them all? In Moonbase there are clues hidden around about the secret.. in Akatiti there are signs that clue you in that there is a secret.. in Poly there is a giant message saying "THERE IS A FAKE DUDE".. in Moraggo, we see the Genie King getting sucked into a lamp (a hint to use the lamp to release him).. There is always something to help the players know how to proceed. There arent warnings of "Oh btw, the old one will hit you WAY off the map, learn his attacks". I'm not saying we need everyone to get a comprehensive guide to "how to fight this boss". But there does need to be a warning that it may be entirely impossible for you to fight this boss because you love your huntress with her megachicken, and your blaster rifle and chicken cant hurt this boss.
  14. Morning everyone, I'm going to try and put my thoughts into words here.. so forgive me if it drifts topics a bit... The boss fight in Crystalline Resurgence is a great challenge. However, the presentation and design for it is lacking. I played this map on Insane the first time, with Mayhem. We played the map and saw the "lamps" everywhere and knew "this is a genie boss". (We looked at the map for signs of what to bring to the fight...) So for the last wave, we brought a monk (primary dps 7k, but a 3k boost), and a barbarian (5k dps, 4k hawk). Surely that would be able to handle a boss on insane. The boss spawns and the monk does literally 0 damage to it. Equipped with a spearmint and a chicken... all normal damage, zero damage to the boss. The barbarian does 500 damage per hit. Dual gladius with a cat. We go after the white djinn (maybe we have to hurt them to target the boss).. nope.. we try to rub lamps.. we look for anything on the map to hurt the boss.. end result: We did almost no damage to it. There was literally NOTHING before the boss spawns telling us "this boss is only vulnerable if you bring a seahorse or a phoenix" or "make sure to bring in your rainmaker to hurt it". So.. Here we are.. 8k hours between us.. on insane difficulty.. unable to beat a boss. Well.. I lie.. the boss has 119M life or so, and we do 500 a hit.. so only 238,000,000 hits to kill it. Well worth the fight and effort. To be honest, I think I would love to see a series (or a game mode) where you go into the fight knowing the whole map was going to be immune to poison, or the boss is weak to electric, but immune to everything else.. that sounds great, and makes a large challenge... However, going into a map and getting to the boss and finding that "oh sorry you didnt equip the right item, that we didnt tell you that you needed, you cannot win now" is stupid. Put a BIG SIGN in the map or give cutscenes that show the boss immune to normal damage or something.. But in the current state that it is in is poorly designed. Again, apology for the random path of thought... TL;DR = Immunity to the MAIN DAMAGE type of the game, without telling you in advance is bad choice making. Needs to be fixed.
  15. Set 19 is yours Flapsii & Loki23. Just have Loki23 tell me (here or on steam) which item they want, and then the remaining item is yours Flapsii.
  16. Morning everyone! Thank you to everyone who participated, and a big thank you to those who donated items to be given away! So.. on to what everyone wants to know: Who won??? We made a total of 20 pairs of items, several pairs were hand chosen to be together, but most were randomly chosen during the stream (using a random number generator). The prize sets are: (Bold and Italics are claimed sets) Plout Onion & RainmakerPolite Onion & Glacier's DemisePlout Onion & Mana MasterPlout Onion & NPCPlout Onion & CelebracersCinnamon & GingerCinnamon & GingerVortex Sield & Vortex HammerBall Blaster & Lava CuffsQueen Georgia & Aladdin's WishAzure Peak & Black Satin PeakCelebration & EternityGolden Roost & Black MagicYGK's Extended Meat Cleaver & Glacier's DemiseCarapace of the Queen & Devil's PoolskimmerMask of the Pumpkin King & EternityVamp's Delight & War BonnetAzure Peak & Majora's MaskGaia's Last Gift & Admiral DjinnArmguard of Poison & Devil's PoolskimmerThere were 68 total entries (some had only 1 ticket, some had up to 3 tickets). So we drew 17 winners. (That is a 25% chance for any entry to win.) There are 3 sets that will not be claimed, and they will be added in to a future giveaway. The 17 Winners are: Flyfox65 & The_Shotzzer = Set 1TBone23405 & Mr. Tubs = Set 2Piisamirotta & EvilFox = Set 4Punquake = Set 9Thales & Jyutta = Set 12Nikinan & Bonny = Set 13Zurkov & Heatonl = Set 14Armguard of Poison & Apexstorm = Set 20Kiwy & Kryen122 Saikio & Daxthevaks = Set 16Sam116 & Emilio2013 = Set 17Russman & Person ManFlapsi & Loki23 = Set 19Nick2420 & JDN = Set 5MrRandomGuy & OG Velho = Set 10Janemva & My Life is a MemeTheShadoeBlaze & ???The sets without italics have NOT chosen their prize set yet. Once a set is chosen, the SECOND person in the winning duo gets to choose which item they want, and the remaining item goes to the first person in the winning duo. So.. if you are in one of the winning pairs, please let us know which set you want. (It is first come first serve). Winners: Please contact us on steam (Avonlea on steam and Kana on steam). We will be working to make sure everyone is able to receive their winnings as fast as possible! Again: Thank you to everyone who participated! Hugs and kisses, Avonlea, Kana, and Mayhem
  17. Morning everyone! Kana from Order of Paradox here. So.. if you couldnt guess from the title what this post is about.. it is about a giveaway. But this time it is going to be a little bit of a twist.. this giveaway is a giveaway giveaway. The next question is "What is a giveaway giveaway?".. ah yes, I should answer that. Every entry into the raffle has to tell me who else wins if your name is drawn, and it cannot be yourself (or an alt account, or some cheatsy way of getting the item yourself). So when you win, you are also going to help someone else win.. you have to give away an entry into the raffle in order to get into the raffle.. I'll give the rules below. In order to enter the raffle giveaway, you must reply to this post. (only your first entry will count)Your post MUST nominate a currently active player. (Currently active = has played within the past week)You are allowed to nominate the same person that someone else has already nominated.When the raffle draw is made, both you AND the person you nominated win a prize.That should make things super clear and understandable.. right? Send me any questions, if you have any, in private message here or on steam, and i'll clarify anything that doesnt make sense. And since this doesnt seem complex enough already.. I'll add one more fun thing into this giveaway: You can earn double (or even triple) raffle entries, using just your one post. But how?? Easy.. You nominate someone who has less than 200 hours in game. (+1 extra entry into raffle)The person you nominated thanks you in a post here (+1 extra entry into raffle)The person you nominated is not nominated by anyone else (+1 extra entry into raffle)(Up to 2 of those may apply, you can have 1, 2, or 3 raffle tickets, not 4) Just to make a few clarifications: The rewards will be event items (traced), each person can only win once (multiple entries just increase your chance of winning). End date: Friday the 11th, during our Friday night stream on twitch. (Where we will draw the winners) As always: Thank you to our gracious donors for the prizes! Hugs and kisses, -Kana, Avonlea, and Mayhem- PS - Is it too complicated? Maybe the next giveaway will have to be simple... let me know.
  18. Good morning, Here is the list of the items that are left : Eternity Ginger Mask of Pumpkin King Mr. SkellyOld One's StachePlout Onion (Kana)Queen GeorgiaQueen GeorgiaThe Devil's Poolskimming (Kana) War BonnetAvonlea will be having an open Tavern today called OOP Raffle - Claim Prize Here. Items followed by Kana's name, please do ask him for those. Hugs and kisses, Avonlea
  19. Morning all! We had a blast doing the raffles, and hope those who participated had some enjoyment too! In the end, we gave away 32 (THIRTY TWO) event items in the raffles... The list of winners, and the items can be found in a new forum post: [DD Forum Post] Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to all the winners! -hugs and kisses- Kana, Avonlea, and Mayhem
  20. For ease of use, the current items that can be claimed by the winners are: Black Satin PeakCinnamon Cinnamon Eternity Genie King's Prized JewelGingerGingerGolden RoostMask of Pumpkin King Mr. Skelly Old One's Stache Plout OnionQueen GeorgiaQueen GeorgiaThe Cavalry The Devil's PoolskimmingWar Bonnet Note to winners: We will be trying to contact people using various methods over the next two days. You can contact us (Kana or Avonlea) on steam, but to guarantee your choice selection before someone else gets what you want, please respond to this post.
  21. Good morning! Kana from Order of Paradox here. Since this is a long post, and also includes a bit of additional information, I have started a new post. (sorry if thats improper) So... we had a raffle! Or 2... actually.. THREE raffles. And so we had some items to give away. It started as 10.. but it turned into 32 items by the end of the night. So below, I will list all of the winners. And provide a link to a spreadsheet. Each winner was allowed to choose their own prize from the list of available prizes. Currently, there are still a large number of winners who have not chosen their prize item. The items will be given out at a first come first serve basis now. If Bob won in the #2 slot, but Susan who won in the #19 slot contacts us first.. than Susan has first choice on the remaining items. We had 3 raffles.. The first raffle was based off of the forum posts. In the end we had 46 people enter the raffle, for a total of 77 tickets in the raffle. The winners were (in the order they were drawn): Zurkovsquirtlesquadwilliam712heatonlthalesjaytacbonnyfuilnisbackfielipzakuCanin8biological.exewestside hariyamaarea51lostsoul27xspidermanembkillerger michiliatherialdave456og velho(Names crossed out have already selected their prize) (20 prizes among 77 entries, chance of winning was about 25% per person) The second raffle was from the people who entered in the twitch stream raffle. We estimate around 30-40 people entered the raffle. (We do not have an exact count). The winners were (in the order they were drawn): Spidermaneiridiumthornmanicka111anoncerealgibsonman2012mysteriousmagelostsouls15201/requiemtechnomite2nerdmambosilkyylol(with about 40 entries, and 10 winners, that is about 25% chance of winning per person) And as a surprise third raffle, we raffle 2 more items to people who watched the stream, who had not already won anything. The two winners were Themoreyounoo and ubermench42. To see the list of prizes that were won (as well as the prizes currently available to be claimed by winners), you can go to this link [Google docs] Thank you to everyone who entered into the giveaways! We hope to be doing another one soon!
  22. For those who dont know... Travence = "The Beautiful Buffalo", but he goes by "Beautiful". It's not my fault thats his name. It's his fault.
  23. Morning all, Kana from Order of Paradox here... This Friday, April 13th, is going to be our next giveaway! Why? Because Atlas said we had to. We have so many items to give away. So many. My tavern is getting too full.. I blame Atlas, Beautiful, Harry and others... So... we are doing a giveaway on our twitch stream [twitch link], and all you have to do to get in on the raffle is join the twitch channel, and type in !raffle followed by your steam name. Examples: !raffle Kana!raffle Mayhem_zeroActually, because Doubl3Down said we had to, we are doing 2 giveaways. One on the twitch stream.. one here. You are eligible to win on both giveaways... How do you get into the second giveaway? Simple... reply here, and blame someone else for making you post. Everyone who posts will get entered into a random drawing, and if you make Kana, Mayhem, or Avonlea giggle while reading your post (blaming someone else for why you posted), you get a second entry into the random drawing. At this point you are saying: "What are you giving away? Is this worth my time? Why did Acen make me read all of this?" Giveaway items: Old One's StacheBattlecruiser Debris MaskCarapace of the QueenGenie King's Prized JewelCaptain Djinn's HatQueen GeorgiaNew Patch CelebrationPloutonionMask of the Pumpkin KingThe Devil's PoolskimmerAnd maybe more... Both giveaway's will end (and be drawn) at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time. So get into the raffle before then, as well as make a post.. Again we apologize for this giveaway, it is Jyutta's fault. -hugs and kisses- Everyone at OrderOfParadox -Kana, Avonlea, and Mayhem- PS - Yes. It is a real National day. I didnt make it up. The first Friday the 13th of any year is "Blame Someone Else Day". Literally not my fault. Blame someone else, not me. It is real. Really. It is. I promise. Stop doubting me. It's real. Go look it up. Seriously, its real.
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