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  1. You keep coming back to see what other nonsense is added and to see people vent about stuff you agree with. I know I do.
  2. Only lv. 46 for nearly 700 ipwr gear? o.o
  3. Lol, saw this coming a long time ago. Didn't see this coming. XD Glad I washed my hands of this game.
  4. Not sure how good breaking up the passives onto more pieces is. At first you only had to roll the right primary stats as well as passive in only one or two pieces of armor. Now you have to get it on ALL of them to have the best stats.
  5. Oh. Well then. That's another step in convincing me that I'm done with this game.
  6. Any build where you can use a builder character in the combat phase?
  7. Trendy, add pet ability rerolls already.
  8. Sure, maybe when they introduce NM5 gear I can get it down to 4 hours. *rolls eyes*
  9. Nah, they get their jollies off of watching us waste our time and theory crafty in the name of community cooperation. Banding together to achieve a common goal and all that.
  10. So yeah, where's the mythic quality Creepy fairy? :S
  11. I want to reiterate again, this isn't another topic about bad players. I was just frustrated that the people watching their lane wasn't really watching it. Sure the sub broke, but I could have kept going for another round or more, if not for the short lane and mobs attacking the main directly instead of walking their path.
  12. Huh? Every game has stupid players, and no matter what you do, that won't change. Mostly everyone here has had their experiences with those kind of people. They just felt like posting about that issue here for some reason. The main reason for this topic is because the map does indeed have a bad design. How can a lane be so short that putting a wall a few feet from the main objective can allow mobs to shoot at it from inside their spawn? And if they decide to take a step or two out of the spawn, they can bypass the wall and attack the main directly. But the worst offense is that the lane with
  13. What is this "abnormal"? Is that a new loot quality? If it is, where does it lie in the tier?
  14. So I'm playing Onslaught on SSD. Round 36 the wall on the lane with the sub breaks down because the people who joined decided to afk. Either that or people are idiots and don't know how to repair. Anyways, the sub is destroyed. At this point I know it's game over. Why? It's because of the lane that opens up when the sub is destroyed. That extremely short lane that's a few yards from the main objective. Did you know that if you put a wall up to block that lane, mobs will either throw their bombs or spears while still INSIDE their invincible spawn, or throw right over the wall and straight at
  15. So I made it to round 37 onslaught on Siphon Site D. I lost because of afk teammates not repairing walls and horrible map design. I did not get a golden egg at round 36.
  16. Likely its the number of projectiles. Damage is split among the projectiles and not all of them are hitting.
  17. Is that just for the Lightning shield? Or do other shields work too? I have a tower pet with Flame shield that I might have to change up... Either that or Trendy needs to add the pet ability reroll itmes already.
  18. this? Awesome. That's weird though. The picture has a different color scheme than a normal fairy. Are there different types or is that just the color scheme given to the golden version? The name is also different. Edit: Wait, so is the rarity! Wth?! Am I missing something? There's no mythic fairy pet in my game. :S
  19. I've already done Liferoot. I don't care about Liferoot. Its the time wasting in between transition from beginning NM4 to end NM4. The point of the 900 ipwr maps is to waste your time because you're going to throw it away when you get the gear from 1000 ipwr maps.
  20. (sorry, didn't know how to remove video from quote) I tried this. My characters are the same as yours. My walls though have 271k health. Towers do 12k T1 and Monk is also around 2.5k DP. If you're trying to build up your tower character, this strat won't work. You need your dps char to pass this stage or atleast get to where he did in the vid. I need to level up my monk character. Am I going to have to go make another monk so that I can have both dps and tower at the same time? That's the problem with this game. You NEED a dps for NM4.
  21. You've got a golden fairy! Let me see it! She's the only goal I have now that I realize loot is utter crap. ;_;
  22. Your first post is made necroing a topic. Good Job.
  23. So I noticed what you were talking about in #2 when I was playing with the BB in the Tavern earlier. If you upgrade the trap while it's already popped and it's lava is already on the floor, it won't do the upgraded damage until a new balloon forms and you pop that.
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