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  1. The monk is a powerful tool.
  2. Hello Children, Are you BORED and TIRED of waiting for the game to come out? Do you have dungeondefenders on your mobile devuce and cant talk? Well try the NEW official dundef irc!!! It comes with FREE chatting with Noooooo Payyy. http://webchat.gamesurge.net/?channels=officialdundefte * The IRC is currently dead and if you join I will give you an unreleased weapon called The Gushji.
  3. Is everything going to be nerfed..After crazly farming for the items we worked extremely hard on goes down the waste?
  4. Are you putting directly in front of their spawn? If you are your not going to be able to attack them until they are out of the darkness which the came from, So put blockades back, blocking the ways the creatures get to the crystal.
  5. I dont think IRC has a head...or does it..?
  6. If your sooo worried play solo..
  7. Haha Just wait, Play mobile for now :) It might sound stupid but it is rather fun
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