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  1. Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried to "activate" (maybe ice spike like in Sho's clip, or flying in place on them, or any other idea for "activating" them) the 4 hanging skeletons with the red caps at the end (loss) of maybe the 4th or 5th wave? All I can think about is the spooky event that required 4 people to be in position at the start of the 5th wave (I think that's how it worked), but since this secret seems to revolve around the loss of the map, maybe a full lobby of people need to be in position at the end of the wave. One main thing that keeps me from thinking this may be a real idea is that I believe that at some point Trendy said this secret is something that they haven't done before (I could have made this memory up due to lack of sleep :P), but since they made a comment about the relation between the maps being on the right track (and how the X's might have some correlation to these skeletons) I thought this idea might not be completely stupid. Just a thought. If anyone needs another person to try to attempt a theory about the secret, feel free to add me on Steam: RYL Twinkie or on Xbox: wrltheiv
  2. Ah, found what you were talking about. There is no marker, just the "inspect" button.
  3. Could you elaborate on the location of the "dig" spot? All I can find is an old boat steering wheel.
  4. Already known knowledge (not found by me), but I figured I would add this to this thread. On top of the tallest pillar on the east side of the minimap, above the hidden key location. There is a graffiti of a crystal with eyes and wings. Just wanted to add this here for anyone who just started searching for things.
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