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    Etheria -- Earlier today, a strange portal opened and then quickly disappeared. No injuries were reported.
    According to officials from the Emergency Magical Staff, the portal's lingering trace indicates a powerful magic of unknown origins. Officials are warning citizens to avoid the area as the portal may come back.
    The EMS managed to extract the memory of the portal from an eyewitness, and The Etherian Free Press has exclusive coverage of that memory in the video above. 
    While the portal was open, unidentifiable leaves and branches blew through. Botanists are scratching their heads over this strange flora.

    Meanwhile, local citizens are preparing for the possible return of the portal.
    "I hope something dangerous is coming," said the Dragonfall Knight Commander. "You can quote me on that. I've already got one scar. I want a matching set!"
    The Knight Commander is calling all heroes to prepare for a fight.
    "If I sound the horn," he said, "and you lily-livered scoundrels don't answer, I'll give you a scar myself!"
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