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  1. Farm C7 and you'll get good money. I did 2nd reset and with all bonuses I get about 70k gold now, 12 hours of farm and it's enough for 1 reset. Next reset will give me more, more... :) Money mashine = reset+C7! ;)
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    Vodka, Putin, Balalaika!
  4. Pile it On - Enemies take increased damage per condition they are under. List of mutators I meant this part : per condition they are under. I know what it says, I was just confused what that part means. Though I now know what it meant thanks to TMyth. I think it's aura and node... mb Earth Tower
  5. Pile it On - Enemies take increased damage per condition they are under. List of mutators
  6. We have not made any changes to increase the difficulty of Onslaught since its release (in fact, we made it so certain schedules could not spawn together, making it an easier and more enjoyable experience). That said, we have been looking over every bit of feedback and are actively discussing said feedback (if not working on specific changes). That said, with us not making any changes, what has changed for you in Onslaught? Previously you had said it was a good mode and you enjoyed the reset: To help make the game mode the best we can hope for: What are some of the pain points you're running into?What mutator combos are you running into that you weren't previously?Why is the reset a "disaster" when before it was enjoyable?Again, we have not added any additional Mutators (to reiterate, we made them a little easier by removing specific combos and Cybork/Geode schedules) , and have not adjusted ancient power. Sorry about flame, but yesterday I try to beat floor 63-65 after reset and it's was so hard. I did 5 runs and I failed 3 runs, cose was ridiculous combination of mutators... I beat floor 78 before reset and I never feel so difficulty. After reset I get good relics and gears. Hard to explain, but I try why was so hard: 90% of maps 1 line was Controlled Burn, sometimes frozen monster;Always was Wall Leech and Vampiric + Berserkers;If was mutator Spell Breaker, was monsters with shield or if was mutator Pile it On, was Cybork;3dr map had 4-6 line with frozen monsters; Mostly with hard mutators like Controlled Burn, Detonator, Vampiric.64-65 floors each line have 2 mutators, combination can be super bad + combination of monstars.I hope I explain a bit what burn me yesterday. Please add possibility restart map. It's really burn, then loose 3dr map on 4-5 wave.
  7. I don't know why Trendy did it, but onslaught was easyer 1-2 weeks before. Now so many disaster combination of mutators. After reset I don't feel any power. Reset is disaster. I hate you Trendy. You breake game!
  8. Onslaught - is really great mode. It's hard, but enjoyable. I like reset too. You need to try :)
  9. I have same feeling, cose for 6-7 floors (it's about 18-21 maps!) I get just 1 defender pack (green), I'm on floor 75 now. Defender packs on this high floor should drop min 1 per floor.
  10. Congratulations! Give as some pictures what you got, how it's looks like, to motivate people to go forward :)
  11. Interesting point who reach floor 120 :)
  12. QQ regarding the Ancient power buffs that stack, say I am playing co-op with a friend and he ascends and picks 1% tower damage and 1% extra HP. When we next play together do I also get all of those buffs even though I have no ancient power yet, or is only the 5% EXP and gold? So when I reset once and pick tower damage and life leech next time we team up it will be 10% EXP and gold plus 2% Tower damage, 1% HP & 1% life drain combined? If so it's much better playing in a team and staggering your resets to carry each other back to C7 and floor 65 quickly. I know Towers and Heroes buff is global, so it's stacks, but I no sure about gold and exp, a don't hear about stacking exp and gold %... I think exp and gold % is local.
  13. After update I read all posts on forum, thats why I write this post. Looks like Trendy try to do something to push they disaster reset. It's can be one of they step.
  14. PS4 more 3k asc after reset, yestarday was just 2 who did reset...
  15. You forget about 2 and 3 maps in one floor and after 59 lvl all floors have 3 maps. So it's take more time in theory, on practice it's time even longer time.
  16. Ramster and Earth Tower very helpful and you can use it in any situation.
  17. Why? I like difficulty of Onslaught, just need add restart map not floor. Mb add button to change difficulty, like in campain. Harder difficulty = more monsters in rotation and mutators = more exp, more gold, bigger chance to get new boxes. Mb hardest difficulty don't give to players do restart map, just restart floor. It's simple idea and solve for new and old players.
  18. Trendy give as Power of the Ancient. This power is global, so Trendy want to see as play in party. Mb just give as exp and gold bonus, bigger chance to get new boxes then we play party? It's simple and importent at the moment, and will solve a bit reset problem.
  19. My sadness after last update.... I meant literally.......what's this thread actually about? Everyone find own thread here... I'm sorry, what? They did it! Grow UP!
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