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  1. Yeah i've been messing with this too and it does great damage if you place one BEHIND a siege roller. However, i did fail a map because i had weapon manufacturer auras deployed behind the siege roller and i couldn't place the orc behind it and in range, which is something i'll have to build around in the future.
  2. I've made a couple attempts to re-make my mystic but the result never ends up anywhere near my AL. Is there something i'm missing? I was hoping to try one out with a pet obelisk to take a break from my AL. I don't yet have Hemolytic poison which was kind of the key of pre patch mystic dps. Maybe this is the issue but can i go dps with mystic before having that or should i just give up?
  3. I like the lavamancer Maw too. The problem i find with them sometimes is sizing. Sometimes you can replace two normal 30 DU walls with a maw but sometimes you need to overlap because 1 maw isn't enough but 2 is too much. Then you basically lose DU. Petrify is a nice effect. The mystic wall is nice as well but depending on your tower setup, it might be annoying that they constantly have 10 guys in the air. About the only wall i don't like is the Dryad tree. i felt that its main benefit was the cost and when Trendy removed it, it was no longer worth using.
  4. I just hit 70 actually. Still no shard. I started randomly doing a chaos 2-3 just to keep things fresh, which probably isn't helping.
  5. Forget about gold and use medals. You won't ever be able to buy anything with medals because of this but it will allow you a decent way to grind for upgrades rather than the impossible gold grind of doing 20 maps to upgrade one item. Now that i think about it, this might be intentional by Trendy. If they force you to use all of your medals as gold, you will have to use dollars to buy bags and new characters. I don't personally find anything wrong with the idea of paying for a game as I realize they take money to make and run, and i did spend money on some of these things myself, but it seems u
  6. Not just you. At least it doesn't seem to lose connection to the server every time i leave a map anymore.
  7. It seems like it. I decided to try these again after the last patch and whenever a siege roller rolls by, it basically destroys all of my beams in the area. It is either them rolling over them or the missiles i suppose. I don't remember if proton beams take damage and die from explosions, but they don't seem to from suicide guys or other aoe attacks at least.
  8. The hell with that. You get like 30,000 per game in chaos 3 or 4 from memory, which would be starting at a hundred games. Maybe after Trendy fixes gold that would be an option, but not now. Although it would still probably be better than what we have now i guess...
  9. I do not think this is true. I get the rare upgrades in Chaos 3 and 4 with NM4 gear. NM4 gear is basically as good as Chaos 3. It seems like the better chaos 3 gear is better but most is not. You mainly just need to make sure that you only have one hero in your deck and that he is fully equipped with the highest level gear you have. I've seen conflicting opinions on whether relic slots affect gear drops, but i believe they do personally. Obviously if you have full top level NM4 gear and relics for four characters, that is fine, but chances are you have at least a few pieces that are below pa
  10. It will be cool being able to use traps and auaras in chaos 1. It will give more variety and relieve some of the boredom of running chaos 1 dozens upon dozens of times trying to get the range shard which never drops.
  11. I didn't think this was possible, but after doing yet another chaos 1 in an attempt to get the range shard to make more defenses viable, i ended up getting what i believe is a campaign shard in the Chaos 1 shard box, a speed boost shard. Is this a bug or intended? I've done COUNTLESS chaos 1 games and never had that happen before. I must admit that this kind of adds insult to injury after not getting a range shard yet again. I'm starting to believe the shard does not exist and since so much of the game is balanced around having this shard in everything, it is a major issue.
  12. It is really slow but it basically always has been, so i don't see any reason to think my pet loyalty gain is bugged at least.
  13. It seems like the trials update basically removed drops from waves. Now it seems like 99% of the reward from doing a a map is from the win chest. This has the effect of infuriating you when you lose a map in the final wave due to something like piercing spear orc spam, something one hitting your core after phasing through your walls or the server dying on the last enemy in a map, because you just wasted your time doing that map.
  14. It is more. Gear drops are far rarer now and getting quality ones seems rarer as well. You also have to deal with various forms of mystery gating of gear.
  15. By all means, measure your response, but threads like this are dumb. You always see them whenever a developer makes a very unpopular move (Come on guys, lets thank Hello Games for what they did right) and it is a sure sign that the developer has made a lot of their player base angry. When Trendy does good, they will be thanked. The coming patch which supposedly makes traps viable again sounds good and if it ends up being good, they will be thanked (both in words and in actions, ie money). Trendy lost a lot of good will with the trials update and then even more with the first patch after it. Th
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