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  1. Update your game, they're out.
  2. Hi! I'm a returning DD veteran player.. uh, it's been a while, but I'm backing Awakened and I gotta say, I'm so beyond hyped. Thank you guys for existing, @ Chromatic Games team!
  3. Oh damn, that's pretty. Hard looks hard, of course. Overall this game looks amazing, I LOVE the new defense systems/combos already, and I haven't even used them myself. This map, though, breathtaking.
  4. @CKeene - Thank you! I'm trying my best to improve, sometimes I feel like I have, sometimes I don't. @TitoDaddy - Thanks! :> @Laura - Thanks! The landscapes I've been seeing have been equal to or greater than the Crystalline Dimension, for me. CD gave off that ominous, yet pure brilliance, along with the music (holy crap the music), that made that map the best thing ever. The latest map, The Ruins, has totally blown my mind. GJ Trendy!!
  5. So, seeing as DD2 is approaching, I've decided to try and come back to the community, with some new artwork, and maybe some improvement to it along the way. :> I must say I'm EXTREMELY excited for Dungeon Defenders 2, and what I found weird... I've been drawn to the landscapes and maps more than the characters, recently. I would see a new update on Facebook, click it, and then go on a mission to find the bottom half of my jaw, which fell off in amazement. I know some of you have made it into the Defense Council, how is that, amazing? I want to return to you with a drawing of my most favorite Hero to ever spawn into existence, the Series EV. Even when DD2 is drawing near, I still have no idea why she's my favorite. If I don't say it anytime next week- Merry Christmas, Happy belated Hanukkah, and happy defending. :> - Tony P.S. Ignore my other thread, 'tis a silly place.
  6. Great work Fictorious! It's always great to see your drawings. Did Danny's tips help you? Thanks! But... Danny's tips? I don't remember any.. :o I'm sorry if I truly forgot. .-.
  7. I will be honest, I had no clue what an Arronax was when Damocles mentioned it, but once I searched, I was like "oh!" Lol.
  8. Done. I kinda like how it turned out.. so I'll be coloring it.. maybe.. idk. I wanted to add the Arronax, but considering it was a portrait, I couldn't figure out how to add it without disturbing anything else. Sorreh :O
  9. Because I'm truly bored right now, the first hero posted that's not the Barbarian (can't draw him, I'm sorry), I will make a quick portrait/sketch of. GO. Damocles
  10. ADDING ALL OF YOU. Sorry I forgot to check this thread for like 2 weeks.
  11. I picked it up on launch day (launch MORNING, actually.) and I've really done almost everything possible in the game, so far. Anyone want to exchange friend codes for their safaris, or battle/trade? Mine - 0533-4891-011 Name - Tony :series:
  12. To begin, it's an amazing game, and one of my favorite things (If you wouldn't have been able to guess) is the clothing design aspect! So, this past week, I've been on a Countess kick.. Doodles, actual projects (WIPs), and woo, Animal Crossing clothing. If you have the QR Machine, and you want some Countess clothing, I made some! :D The Countess - Dress Version The Countess - T-shirt Version I went for a more.. subtle kind of Countess, same outfit in a sense, but minus the sword and armor, to keep it to a casual aspect.
  13. So, I've been holding onto this piece for a while. I made my own depiction of the Series EV's new DLC Costume. I went for a.. coy killer kind of look. The one kind of personality that would make you swoon, but the very next second you'd find yourself dead.
  14. I have an idea for the Countess. Involving her Light of Etheria and Finesse abilities.
  15. He already explained it. They're simply the challenges faced by a young, indie game company. That's a terrible excuse, if it's true. There's no excuse for being... Belligerent, even if the environment is "challenging." Edit: The members of Trendy I've talked to, I can easily say I've grown to love and respect, and some, even admire. As an example, Mia is my inspiration, one of few who still keeps me drawing, I love her job and I'm not gonna lie; I kinda want it! If the Trendy peeps I look up too are being treated this way, someone will need to get their crap together and stop being the bully on the playground.
  16. I'll just gonna deny this ever existed, and it's all unicorns and tower defense. I have a goal, still.
  17. Amazing! It's good to see you're still creating you're artwork. Fantastic work! Thanks, guys! Definitely more art coming! ^^
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