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  1. At best we'll probably get a "reworked" version of the Abyss Lord from DD2, as he's sort of the Summoner's counterpart. Given how the Episode's work, he'll be 1 of the 2 heroes in one of them. I have a feeling EVA's conception was beyond a time they had plans for the Episodes, so she's an outlier in terms of their new system. She was so popular anyway it would've been a tragedy if she didn't come back nearly the same. And lastly, DLC for new maps and weapons will be free (the Episodes), and I have a feeling any dlc we get will be similar to the current stuff, cosmetic unlocks for tr
  2. Didn't attempt to switch heroes, actually. My partner just got the game so his only hero was Apprentice. Loaded into Deeper Well, entered build phase, he tried to place a missile tower but couldn't.
  3. Lycan's Keep update reworked all that. Armor and Accessories give tower stats. Pets, Weapons, and Offhands give Hero stats. It was, like, a really large portion of the patch notes:
  4. Hi Brittani, only Switch for me. I haven't actually played with anyone on PC, to be honest, so I don't know if it's there also.
  5. Honestly, I know it's supposed to be DD1, but DD2 is genuinely so clean and has so many good features that I'd kill to have in DDA. Just a small aesthetic one- the diversity of weapons. All of them in DD2 are sick and fun to find and collect to see what they do. Unfortunately apart from like 1 or 2 in DDA (ie that neat blaster from Mech boss) they're not... Interesting. The set bonus of having an extra homing shot every 3 attacks is a good start, though.
  6. I found it really strange, actually. Wisps render the toughest enemies not a threat, making Goblins the danger. Anything above Goblins die first, so I'm caught off guard by the horde of goblins taking down my barriers because they're the lowest priority and therefore ignored. Of course I added in electric aura or explosive traps after the fact, but still.
  7. Most of this is relevant for PC too. Good suggestions! Edit: Regarding Warden, I came back to playing after Lycan's Keep came out. Before the update I was stuck. I couldn't beat the Library on Mass. Leveled up Warden and I could literally AFK. So yeah, a range nerf would be nice. I have no use for my Apprentice now.
  8. I get the same issue. The UI looks like it attempts to enter build mode but then immediately cancels.
  9. No, I read that. You never said you saw numbers appearing.
  10. There just wasn't enough info to need the second page, but they still have it.
  11. The game is full of bugs. We're all trying to make sense of them. If you are aware it's a bug then this entire conversation is moot from the start. I am only telling you what I know, if there's a bug that changes it, that's not on me. Edit: You said "again" despite this being the first time you saying it, just fyi. Not a fan of being made to feel like I just overlooked something when I didn't.
  12. It only does one or the other (elemental or not) after the update. Just have to adapt.
  13. That's intended. It forces you to adapt and use a mixture of elements. Or just straight neutral damage. Edit: And use towers that inhibit elemental resistances.
  14. I think it's tomorrow (Tuesday), actually. Give or take timezones, idk.
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