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  1. I was having the same issues but found that once I pressed the ANY MAP "button", they would show up. You have to physically select the ANY MAP option, regardless of the game mode or difficulty. If you do not select this, you will not get to see what maps are playing unless you check each individual map. If you change anything, ie from Defense mode to Incursion mode or NM4 to anything other difficulty, you have to recheck the ANY MAP option every single time or you won't see anything. They must have changed something in the last update for some reason which is kind of annoying.
  2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned "withinin" in the Forest Biome description while the map loads. Now that I have seen it, I can't seem to see any other word while loading that map :p
  3. As soon as Gunwitch came out I would fly around most maps to see what we were missing. Turns out if you get off your broom on that balcony near the ship, you fall through and die. Just a heads up :p
  4. Yeah she is a pretty decent tank but the defenses are pretty useless until they fix the crits. So if you want something new to play with and are looking for a tanky DPS, she is worth the effort. If you are looking for a new defense hero, look elsewhere for now.
  5. Can anyone explain to me why the Dryad can use this Gunwitch specific item with Gunwitch passives, yet I had saved generic items for other characters with no specific passives that are now only allowed for random heroes. Then I find that some boots I had saved with generic passives for when I make new heroes and want decent-ish gear while trying to beat the horrible RNGesus and I find that these are for the Gunwitch only, yet are for a defense build...on a Gunwitch? I get this if for future planning, but couldn't you have brought this out when implementing the whole change? Why release
  6. Turns out you can get the gold ingot during the Defense mode also, so it isn't exclusive to the Incursion mode like I assumed. Finally got my first ingot! YAY!! :p Not sure if the fact that we G'ed up fast between waves and upgrade during the wave helped. Hopefully Trendy can confirm whether this is a time based issue or not.
  7. A few times we were clearing it pretty quickly, especially before we knew about the imbuing and crafting or the ingot. Other times we took our time looking around and messing about with the stations. So it is varied on time between waves and for set up. So is there a time limit that you have to complete the map for the ingot to spawn? An unofficial Bastille Incursion kind of deal, just without the timer on the screen? Seems pretty odd, but with Trendy...who knows?
  8. By normal version, do you mean a NM4 defense instead of Incursion? I tried that and still no ingots...grrrr. But I guess this tells me that it is possible to get it from the defense mode and it isn't restricted to Incursion mode only :\
  9. Not sure. Sure would be nice to get an ingot and find out what it is for. But I am having the same problem as you - many runs and no ingots. Getting a little frustrating to be honest. All this talk about an ingot and it doesn't spawn :(
  10. I have never seen the "warning" for the gold ingot. Can it spawn without a warning and I not know about it? I have looked during waves, after waves and a lot of running around after wave 5 and still nothing. Maybe the gold ingot doesn't like me :( Is it basically like Maldonis where I have to run around each wave and search for a small gold bar instead of a chest?
  11. By DU, are talking about the green crystals (I think it is mana or are the blue ones mana?)? I would have thought you would have used up all the DU at the initial wave when setting up the defenses? Which map are you playing and finding this, or is it every map? I have found that runners and mini Gribloks never give me gems on Griblok's Horde but I figured that was just normal to make it slower to upgrade defenses.
  12. They changed it a few weeks ago from the 3x Medals for the weekend to new daily missions every 8 hours. However this weekend we are only getting the 2 initial 8 hourly dailies, then waiting 12 hours for the next ones. So we used to get a lot more missions to do over the weekend but sadly the weekend before a new hero comes out, we are getting less dailies.
  13. I thought it was meant to be 1 per 8 hours on the weekend also. I got a new one about half an hour ago and the timer for the next one is at 11hr 23min. So maybe it is 1 every 12 hours instead of the usual 24 hours?
  14. I was trying to find my Earth Watchful Eye and noticed one had Impact on it. So I guess that answers both questions?
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