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  1. I have seen that too, and i have tested out the reason of it! I dont know if i am right, but i think its about how much stats you have or it has to be if you use app og adept! I dont really now to be honest! Would be nice to know why this is happening! Its cool tho!,
  2. Yeah, i think they dont know how important a forum is. The forum is as much a part of the game, as the game itself, if the forum is bad, then few play, if its good, more plays!
  3. My suggestion, as i said in the first post, is to get more administrators on this forum that works whit looking true threads and keep things clean, like any other forum's! "Where should TE get the administrators, TheSuperMar10?" Well, they should do it like they do on any other forums, get them from the members! Who would say yes to the opetinity to be administrator of the forum, of such fantastic game?!
  4. No, i dont mean that! Its nice you say that, cuz i dont whant anyone to misunderstand me!:) Let me put it this way, lets say there is comming out a new map, witch is in everyone's eyes "impossible", but you, you are the first to finnish it, and no one else have done it. Not even close! They dont know how to do it. They think they do, but still its WAY to impossible. Then you post on forums "look look, i did it, and see what i found"! You are happy, ofc you are, and you whant to share the experiance whit us! Maybe even help out?! But then I am comming, and 100 ohters, posting on your t
  5. Yes "Screech", the forums are a very negitive place for such a outstadning game. Its not only players "hating" on other players, its players "hating" on TE... almoast all i can see is threads whit "oh bad update TE" or "oh something hacked"... There is nothing like "Oh, great jobb on the new DLC TE", or something like "Greetings everyone, let me help you whit the new maps"! No, its almoast just hate and more hate on everyone... "accelerator"; This post is about the forum, not the game, so as I said plz take this to a thread where you can talk about hackers on the forum's. This is about EVE
  6. No, if you feel that i ment you are not doing your job, then i am sorry for my mistaken words! What i mean, as i said, this FORUM is not doing its job! The meaning behind that is, that the point of a forum is that players can share experiance whit other players, and help each ohter out, and ofc, thats happening here to, but there is MUCH of the opposite happening too! This post is not a post where i am pointing out any spesiffic person that are doing a bad job, or anyone at all for that mather, its just a post off worry, about this forum and how players is treated by other players!
  7. Greetings TrendyEnt', I can't find any other post on the forum about this, so i thought i should start it! First off I whant to point out that this post is NOT about the game, but about the forum only; So i ask kindly to NOT reply on this post if you dont have any FACTUAL to say about what i am going to talk about on this post. Thanks. Trendy, you have done a nice job on the forum, actualy, its one of the best looking forum i have seen and its esay to find answer on the things I am wondering about. But, there is something you guys need to start do something about. Yes, the forum i
  8. Whats wrong whit you?! Do you really have to talk down on people like this, whats the point?! This is a community for players to share experiance whit fellow players. Not to be such a jerk like you are now, BL4zD! Jermey said he would ban him, you can read it "black on white" just a few page's ago, and you come here and say he is not?! AND you start to behaive like a little jerk?! Be nice on forums, or get the **** out! I hate ppl that are jerk over the internett! .. and dont come here and tell me what to do and not to do!
  9. Maydie, he is saying; "You're quite the masterbanker!" as in the achivment!
  10. What are you talking about BL2zD????? Jermey said he (or he actualy said "we'll, as in WE, as in the TE) would kick him TONIGHT! BTW just so you know something really important; If someone hack a gear whit like 120034058294 in hero dmg, you can ONLY see the highest (witch is for now 360+ set bonus) and not any higher or anything! AND;;;;;; if someone have a wep doing 1200488 dps, its NOT possible to use that in others tavern! Softwears that changes the Value of games, does only edit local, so you cant see it, nor will it effekt outside local host!
  11. Jermey? I just have to ask you about something, might i get your attention?! I just wonder if you have played the game yourself after the update, whit NM? I don't think you have, to be honest. If you say that, that wepon is hacked, then i think there is some kind off loop hole in your coding, or you cant seriosly have played the game!:( The wepons that drops in NM Surv/Mix on the last waves, are more stronger than that wepon is. The max upgrade you can find is around 250, and the starting stats are "stupid" OP... You can start whit above 20k in project speed, and way above 5k in base dmg
  12. Greetings "grienne54", To beat the holiday event is not that hard as it looks, if you just know how to do it the right way. First off all you need to be 4 chars, to do it alone is impossible (if you ask me). 2 of the players just focus on the presents all the time. 1 player stands at the presents thingy ready to pick up after the other is done delivering, and then when he is delivering the ohter one is going back and wait for him to be done, and so on so on... The 2 other players needs to deal whit the enemies, witch means to build. 1 Squire and 1 Monk. Monk should build ensare in all
  13. It depends on what you are look for i guess, and what you think is good! Thats why i really like this game, there is nothing thats good and bad, better and worse. Its rly up to you and what you would like to be good at. This gear gives 33% set bonus, and when you get 150+ ups on them, the resist on it will be awsome. The starting stats can be way higher then anything i have seen on the new UMF so far too. ... however this one was just really bad luck, and its the hero level that it requires, this thread is all about!:) EDIT: The set bonus on these is 33%, and the Mythical is only 30%! H
  14. Greetings fellow players and TE, My friends and I was trying out some challange on Nightmare, to hopfully get some nice rewards. It was incredible hard to even finnish any challange, but after some time we decided to work hard on finnishing the "Warping Core" DLC. The "Zamira" gear and the "Fairy" you get from it was pretty good even before the Nightmare was out, so we thought that they would even be better on Nightmare. Oh yes, we was right. They where good. Yeah, actualy so good that you cant use them, yet(?). The boots i just got requires here level: 94. I hope this is just an simp
  15. Mikey-C- Thats just the same as i think, i dont even care to use time on answearing the others. How stupid and child'ish, is it possible to be peoples? This is a thread, where peoples can write what they feel like, about the game. If you dont like what other peoples think, and only whant to get out whit what you feel, then you have to go some years over again on the school guys! Its very true what you said Mikey, they could use us, the players to actualy help them out. I am not whining and say they are doing a **** work, completly not. I am just saying, informing them on what they should w
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