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  1. I started over on PS4, for the luls. Played through the campaign, it brought back some fun memories... Then I got into adventures. This was around lvl 33-35, and I played the first map of the kobold king set... All of a sudden, wave 4 rolls around and there is a draken lord. Now... I myself know how to deal with it, however a new player would have NO IDEA how to deal with something like that. There is no hint, no anything in regards to dealing with something like that. Same goes for a seigebreaker. Maybe a little tooltip can pop up on bosses like that the first time you see them, kind of like they did in campaign to give you hints. A new player is going to have no idea how to deal with draken lord.
  2. So problems I noticed. Alot of weapons that had unique passives, still show 1/2 slots filled as they should, but when moused over have no passives attached to them at all. Spear throwers can now throw spears through reflective barriers (Ev2), Cannonball and balista towers are both SUPER slow, and have SUPER short range, even with a speed sphere they are slow as hell. Some shards when opened after a match just say... Upgrade levels 99 bla bla, but have no actual affect, or anything like that. They are just simply broken. Not usable. Ogres can now get stuck walking back and forth in spawn on some maps. secondary fire on bling o' midas does NOT work. at all.
  3. Yea, but it's just kinda a kick in the face when they say "Oh yea go farm gold! You'll need it for the update!" Then leave the one viable gold farm method broken for over a month and a half.
  4. Are yall going to fix these before the update? You tell us in the devstream to go get gold, get as much as you can! But then haven't fixed gold spheres so we cant exactly go farm gold efficiently. Going at the rate i'm going, i'm lucky if i get... 2-300k a day completing maps and selling gear. It's not really about the gold though. It's about the fact these things haven't been working since... What... Mid december? And it's the beginning of February....
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