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  1. I have another idea , it will be a monk wep that is Airship Rudder Name:Magical Rudder Description: magic glowing everywhere Forged:Magical Genie Stats :All neg dps exept hero casting at 450 Tower all aat 700 Projectile's 4 Projectile speed -20k Colors : Bright Red and black that are very shiny
  2. Salem cat from event , i have trace if u want the trace for the sheild and Azure hat for wep
  3. Hey i forgot to add that there is only 1 hat and salem , i lost the 2nd hat
  4. Event Item Info: Name:King Lazer Description:Dont Mess with The Lazer! Color: Gold and Black Rarity: Mythical Forged: Queen Plane Stats are Base Damage: 100k Projectiles: 5 Projectile SPeed: 20k Hero Hp , Dmg , abi1 , abi2 , Casting rate: 400 All tower stats: 100 P.S its a lazer bot
  5. Aproximate time of this ending is the 30th of november
  6. I accept mana coal , cubes , ult and higher armor , other events , trace will be I Have gotten another hat and the trace is I will accept 6:1 , armor that is ult , ult+ , or ult++ is allowed ,but plz show me on DD , i am adding diamonds 5/10/15
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