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  1. The nerf in ev2 ended up destroying 80% if not more of the building strategies of most players today. I didn't even know I could die for another player, I just had the habit of pressing crt + L when some players hit to make fun of. In the next patch, if possible, place a shard that makes it possible for towers to attack only air units when equipped with it, a shard that towers do not attack terrestrial or something like that.
  2. it would be great if the system to go up after a reset was simplified, even if it eliminated the souls of 1/3 and 4/6, leaving them all just one type would help a lot especially for those who have little space in the inventory and would facilitate the system that it is already very stressful. another point that is something that always makes me raise several questions is the Onslaught having on the floor 49 the incursion drakenfrost keep, which is a map that requires a very specific system to do solo that takes a giant time to obtain or have other people very strong able to get there to h
  3. I'm coming back to play and wanted to know about it. Thank you in advance.
  4. The original system for falling shards, did with the drop of desired shards very difficult, the current shard drop system isolates good shards in certain difficulties. Certain shards are very good and I would not mind having them in other difficulties, putting certain shards to fall after a difficulty would be a very good improvement for the game, back to other difficulties to cultivate shards and exhausting. Shads used on most defenses as Deadly Strikes, Power Transfer, Defense Rate; Are shards that their falls could come in later difficulties and cause beautiful smiles. " the shard Mass De
  5. My towers already hold everything, my characters are already strong, the more I want more, I want perfect items(Good one thing that many want if not all and this, I want all equipments with 5% of critical chance even the maximum being 30%). Play and not have advance in the game even after playing a whole day and well desiteresant, Abandoned maps for not offering fall of 750 or an equipment that you already have. Good maps but I do not need what it offers. Put a system that allows the progression of players in all maps, asks for a modification on obtaining the passive and equipment of the game,
  6. The idea about the siege tank is very good but the issue of destroying the towers weighs a lot, It could be placed with the effect that the spectral kings had to cause stun in the floor towers and give a little damage to the towers, destroying the towers leaves several towers out of use that are very good. An afk system for the game and a thing that already owns in a maps the interactivity of the players with him a goal for the map that needs the interactivity of the players to get, bastilhe, blink king, altar of trame, demon lair, These maps have a good interactivity even though they are not
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