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  1. It's official - KnowsNoLimits is absolutely delusional. If anything is a constant on these forums it's the endless whining, complaining, and entitlement, definitely not that Trendy can do no wrong. You know you have a serious problem with name calling. You really should focus more on the topic rather than calling others names. It's trolls like you that clutter online games and make them far less enjoyable. Yet again another Troll that just does not get the point of the post and sits under their bridge talking about whining, complaining, and entitlement....seriously I just shake my head at ppl like you. Plus don't get me started on how Limits has 10x the posts you do on the forums and most likely has been around longer than you have and has a little more insight into what issues there are or are not there. I think it's mostly that you are pissed that players think more like I do than you do. All players time is valuable and if you are going to add something new to the game for all to experience then and I'll say it again all players should be rewarded. The metrics of both sides captured new and old alike should be of value of how players are playing the game. Retention, replay value, and trends in both directions should be of value. Just my two cents.
  2. I edited the thread title to be a little less critical of things. 5k medals to me isn't a ton of medals but it's at least some type of reward for all players time. New players might use the medal boost to help get that next hero they want. Me personally as a more seasoned player would use the medals to help max my gear for the next progression of end game content and difficulty. So maybe as a take away Trendy can use some of this feedback to come up with an idea to reward those who are sticking around and continuing to support a game they love and enjoy.
  3. Thank you KnowsNoLimits for understanding the point behind my post. It wasn't to go oh look at me and look at what I've spent on this game or anything of that nature...anyone can just go tossing numbers around and who really knows if they are real anyway. The point was exactly as you put it. Why shouldn't we all as players be rewarded for time spent experiencing something new the development team wanted to put right. It's a new experience for everyone not just a new player and I think capturing the metrics around not only does it retain players but does it impact those veteran players to have them re-engage in the game. I buy heroes with Gems to support Trendy. I don't do it because I have to..I do it because I want to. I love the DD series and have spent well in excess of 3000 hours in all the different games and so when I speak critical of things it's not to be mean or to bash the team. It's simply an opinion of the way I've seen things from my side. I don't force my opinion on anyone or call people names because they don't agree with me, but I will and still do have an opinion and so that is why I posted what I did. Thanks for getting it Limits. It's nice to see someone who does. Also I have no idea why my Title here doesn't show Defense council on it. I was in on the first alpha and bought the combo $70 package when they offered players the opportunity to be on the defense council. I blame my boyfriend because I think he registered all the code packages to his forum account. Lol.
  4. Thanks for the reply Isom. I just wish communication like this would have been more clear up front. If something could have been posted for those who didn't catch a specific dev stream or wasn't clear on the whole medal Initiative it would have been nice. When you put things like you did in your post it helps make more sense to me as a player and I now have a better understanding of things. I still think having veteran players play through something that was intended to be a re-vamp and give a new experience should be rewarded just as a new player would be. It makes us want to stay engaged in the game and experience the new direction and want to see the new ideas the dev team has. Honestly 5k Medals as you said in the grander scheme of things won't matter much really anyway...but the other side of that argument can be if it really isn't that big of a deal then why not reward all players the same? Not just those who are new? Wouldn't it be good to also capture the metric of how many veteran players go through the campaign too? I mean that show's the retention of experienced players wanting to see or experience the dev teams vision. I think that's an important metric as well. I absolutely love the game. It's by far my favorite and have have invested a lot of time and money in supporting Trendy and DD2...and no I don't feel entitled in any way regardless of the troll posts here, but I do hope that Trendy values the honest and even if critical feedback of those players who do support them. Your post does show that you guys are listening and I wanted to say Thank you again for the reply. I probably could have been a little more less critical in my initial response but it was a big let down to play most of the day to not see or feel accomplished by completing the new campaign. However the new campaign does feel much more cohesive and the leveling was much better. It gave a much better sense of accomplishment in seeing the progression of the character instead of just grinding Harbinger for hours to hit 50 as fast as possible. I'll continue to support Trendy in probably anything you guys do. I'm most certainly a fan of yours even if my feedback can be a bit on the harsh side at times.
  5. Calm your tits little miss entitled. Whatever dollar amount you spent on this game, you got exactly every thing that you paid for. You have NOTHING to complain about. I wonder how you report a post. Funny how you think it's ok to start name calling when I was simply making a statement. I'll look into how to report you all the same. Feel free to post your opinion if it's opposite of mine but name calling or trolling because you don't agree with what I have to say is completely unnecessary. Consider yourself reported.
  6. That is all I'm trying to say. I can not see how they are just trying to pull players in who most likely will still be gone in a few weeks. The players that continue to play and stay and support the game should be rewarded as well. 5K Medals isn't something that is that big of a deal...is what I see ppl posting here....ok then why then don't they give it to their player base who was been here the longest as well. I'm not asking for something I didn't earn. I created a new character, actually purchased the gems for the Mystic to support her thinking they were going to do the 5k Medals. They never once stated that it would not be for all players. There was no clarification either way. So I got the hero, played through the entire campaign and then got nothing...nada...so what is different from me doing the entire campaign vs someone with a new account? NONE...so why then don't we get to enjoy the same benefit. I did the campaign as a new level 1 hero and I only used the mystic the entire way through as well, no hero deck swapping to make anything easier etc... It's just complete bunk that the treat their true supporters this way.
  7. I got the new Mystic and while she seems to be a decent hero there is either a bug or by design that there is no DPS on the tower. It literally shows no damage stat at all on the info card. Also what gives on the upgrades? It's like the art department checked out and you get little to nothing in visual upgrades when you up her towers. If you look at how great the original 4 heroes have a varied degree of art to each level, it's a nice touch to the game. Mystic towers feel super bland, the effect are pretty neat but the upgrade work seriously needs some help. It's like lets just lazy and grab cash as quickly as possible by releasing heroes...
  8. Seriously Trendy? I am a player who has been a huge loyal fan of yours and I've supported the dev team in well excess of $1000 since the very first alpha, buying the game for myself and 5 others and purchasing packs, skins, etc....all with the intent on supporting one of my favorite games. But really not being clear in the dev stream or here about how the 5k Medals were for NEW ACCOUNTS ONLY seriously is crap. I just wasted the better part of my day, again supporting you and buying Gems to get the new hero and then playing the campaign from level 1 to 50 all the way through only to see 5 medals per map MAX and at the end of it all no 5k Medals at all. The policy to keep punishing people who support you is really getting old. If someone takes the time to play through something that was supposed to be this great new experience then they should be rewarded regardless of if they are new accounts or not. Shame on you for punishing those who support you. The ridiculous part of it is that this isn't like giving GEMS away...it's not premium currency so you could give it to all those willing to spend time...and in my case money supporting what was once a wonderful game but lately it feels much more like just another free to play cash grab. Seriously Disappointed, Sissygirl
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