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  1. remove this multiplayer map from onslaught, due to gating, i can't ask really anyone to help.
  2. i'm on the ps4 pro and i lag a lot at lost temple. especially if i have get behind a siege roller. single frames at that point.
  3. dyrad, mystic, lava mancer and ev2? i would like to have something to do with them :p
  4. i have two suggestion. 1. Please add camera control after placing a defense. currently, after placing a defense you can move it toward the direction you want it to but sometimes you can't see exactly wheres its going. 2. please remove siege roller from power surge. it's just to much to handle for that map. especially love it when 2 shows up and while running to repair a dryad tree, their rocket hits the crystal.
  5. when are you guys going to fix the 1 person hit the tavern and everyone get sent there?
  6. hi, new guy here and i have 2 questions. is there a guide/video guide on each character defense layout for NM1-4 maps? and is there a legendary drop list?
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