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  1. P "Game On" -Game Master GamerBoundless
  2. what moidewer "The game explain itself" -Game Master GamerBoundless
  3. H "Bring your A game always" -Game Master GamerBoundless
  4. This game need to add challenges. I'm not talking about incursion challenges. They are....I don't know NOT challenging. When this game end game gets better. That is when I put on my game face. But for now I will play the forums games players created. They seem more challenging than end game in game. " I don't play games, I master them" -Game Master Gamerboundless
  5. Frog Mad "get ready for the game" Game Master Gamerboundless
  6. How do you play this goblin game? I find it interesting.
  7. Rockette Cat " I am the game. Play it, live it, be it," -GamerBoundless The Game Master
  8. That link takes me straight back to the page that brought me here. I do want to sign up, not for the free stuff but I actually want to sign up. So can I please have a updated link so I can sign up? Thanks, Rasco The new site is live at http://medals.dungeondefenders2.com The old site redirects there as well now. Reset the counting game Ice -.- I can not play because you confused people to keep counting. This time I don't blame Benny but you!!!. I have nice day sir. " I don't play games but master them" -GamerBoundless The Game Master Edit
  9. One Piece Final Fantasy 8 or World of Warcraft ? "Play the game, complete the game, and then master the game" - GamerBoundless
  10. Grenade Launcher " A world without games is not a world" - Game Master GamerBoundless
  11. You're banned for not being an aether dragon :P You are ban from this game. "Games are meant to be a challenge " The Game Master
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