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  1. 11 on hammer 13 on shield (24 total) thats in cv ;)
  2. As a cat, i want that cat cat brethren unite! 25cv!
  3. You must be a star, cause you shine brighter then the rest #495
  4. When my friends ask me who the best guy i know is my first answer is always you #199
  5. If i had to pick a number to describe you, well you're number 1 :D #243
  6. My day was pretty bad, then i realised you were part of it and i felt like id gone to heaven #393
  7. The only thing better then your name, is your personality <3 #Cheddah rox 2016 #44
  8. Whats coal:cube rate? also what type of armour are you searching for? I'll offer 11cv each
  9. I guess ill offer 5 cv (cube value) :)
  10. I wull raise this price to 25 of the CV i do wish to own this skelly in order to complete my collection
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