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  1. Sharken was easy to if your gear wasn't bad. It was no sharken that got pass my auras in nightmare hardcore mode. I must say I put him asleep with the other fishes in the sea. Anyway relax dude let others express their opinions. DD2 still easy nothing really change.
  2. You have no idea what a pipeline is. This pipeline have been in development for how long? You do not need to answer because your not Trendy. I have been following Trendy before you was ever attach to this game. Don't let my forum rank bewilder your senses. If you want to debate I can enlighten you about Trendy methods of releasing content and neglect things that far worse than the core game.
  3. I guess a new enemy is more important to add than fixing at least one of the core game mechanics. Best Christmas gift ever..... I truly can't wait for DD2 2017.
  4. He is easy. Just use a DPS behind him. Then think about Trendy when you defeat him. It will help easy the tension.
  5. Gobu~ the time has come Muahaha! Muahaha
  6. In DD1 and the earlier stages of DD2 you need a DPS hero for maps. It seem that Trendy always think they doing something new that they already done haha priceless.
  7. Pegazul It seem that this goblin is a threat. I can't wait to defeat him and then close the DD2 app and play something else haha. Anyway good advice It kinda of remind me when resistance lanes was here. When you actually needed a DPS hero for the ogre. So, I guess nothing new in this patch. A goblin that stronger than a ogre someone call Dreamanime.
  8. When the item revamp happens some people will not sing the same tune as Trendy. I'm calling it now a refarm on gear will not be kind. To think Trendy will release the carnival and Terraria without fix any core mechanics is outstanding. Who cares about defenses bugs when can't even connect to the servers. Who cares about end game when the enemies hug you and tickle you at the spots you don't want to be tickle at. Laughable new enemies and bosses. The list goes on. Where is the PVP while we wait for revamp. Where is the cool player shops. The forums is mostly dead because we have no trading. If we had trading at least we can talk about something different. Where is the host control and finally where is the challenge. I'm not talking about a hard challenge but a challenge that take tactics. I thought this was a tower defense game that promote strategy. One more thing where is the builder weapons!!!!!!
  9. Come on, we don't want more nightmare modes. It is not what we want it's what Trendy wants.
  10. I have disconnected from the game about eight times yesterday on PC. I decide to use my sister account on the PS4 oh and guess what happen. I could not join haha. To add the price for the packs on the PS4 is absurd. I'm glad I don't have a PS4 account lol.
  11. If I have to refarm for the same ipwr and performance due to some silly changes then I would be mad. Then you are going to be very upset monk master. I remember when loot change about 4 or 5 times. On the 5th time during the harbinger update. Most players left because they had to refarm their gear. if Trendy going to pull the same stunt. You will see their steam chart drop. That is why many players try to tell Trendy work on the core game.
  12. [[52650,users]] If your waiting for a end game like DD1 then you will be disappointed. Remember when NM4 in DD2 was a good challenge before the nerf? Look what happen there. Remember when huntress traps was dominate? Look what did not happen there. Oh do let me get started with Betsy. She was hardcore before her nerf that happen twice not once but twice. Do you see where this is going. End game revamp will be meh.. Most dedicated players are waiting for end revamp but not I. The reason is I know it will be nerf. I'm waiting for the the full release of the game whenever god knows that will happen. [[150185,users]] Hey monk master! Are you ready for end game revamp? Before you reply I will leave you with a spoiler: everyone need to refarm their gear and Trendy will lose 1/3 of it's population again...
  13. Nightmare in DD1 wasn't rewarding because it required so much gear grinding to get into. It was rewarding because of how difficult the enemies were because of their different abilities and designs. The massive grind just to play it was nothing more than a turn off that will do nothing but reduce the amount of players in DD2 if they take that approach. Less players mean less money. Less money means less content for all of us. I agree completely that more difficult enemies need to be added to the game. I just don't agree they should be locked behind an obscene ipower "requirement". Zinec are you going to say NM in DD1 wasn't good. It was amazing. Nightmare hardcore was so hard players started to use cheat programs. That is what call a nightmare mode done right except for the cheating part lol. Trendy also notice it was extremely hard that why. They started to hand out candy in DD2.
  14. Humans are a Primate. Dont insult your distant cousins. lol This world Its more correctly to say our since I am human to but I am going to stick with your....
  15. You can compare anything to anything. It life you have mind of your own. You still don't get Vagnar. They can do or say whatever they like its their life. Thats the thing about life it comes with choices you can make and I decide DD1 over DD2 until Trendy make vast improvement on endgame. So no matter what on heaven and earth you say. I will still say DD2 is lackluster.
  16. Like i said ROS salvaged it and turned it into a decent game. Not nearly as good as D2 but a decent ARPG on its own. I guess D2 was before your time if you think D3 is even close lol. I'm 35. I tried D2 but it wasn't for me. D3 I've been enjoying off and on for years. It's not my favorite game by any means. And geo, we can argue semantics, but you knlw my point. If you want to compare DD1 to DD2/Diablo to Diablo, you have to compare Britney to Britney. Dude did you just rage on people speaking their mind? If they want to think D2 is better then D3 then they could. Is it fact D2 in ways better then D3 yes. Is it fact D3 is better then D2 yes. It all matters on preference. Actually Geo can compare whomever or whatever he or she likes.
  17. Tell them to come at me if they want beef with My Trendy family!!!! I only want the best for Trendy. Haters gonna hate.
  18. Mystic is awesome. when you get her I suggest you create three of her. One for blockade,Defense power/crit and dps. Go with hero damage and ability. Best weapon for her is her incursion one it scales with ability power. One more thing get 4s on her weapon for her range attacks. I know have some grammatical errors but I don't care lol
  19. KnowsNoLimits Anyway I had this idea about loot. what if you were to do a special quest to obtain these very rare items. Once finish the quest you gain a rank plate and a title. It should give more meaning to loot. I will create a thread about later or tomorrow. oh not all items will have this just these ultra rare items.
  20. Oh you wanted this thread to die? Then I shall bump it just for you. Complaints in this thread are a long time coming and quite valid. Thankfully most agree with me, which further strengthens my points. We already know they are heading in the wrong direction with more NM levels. So sometimes you just have to speak up and roll up a newspaper, whack them on the nose with it and say "No! bad Trendy, look at what you are doing". Rinse and repeat until they learn. No, it's not valid. Trendy has told us they are working on end game and this thread is nothing but whining and complaining about end game. You're complaining about stuff before you even know what it is. How is that a valid complaint? I already know that we are in for a world of hurt in NM thanks to meaningless incremental upgrades to ipwr once again, no matter what gimmick they end up showing NMV it's just going to be stupid. It's going to be never ending. We will get NMX eventually. Which god knows what dumb gimmick will come with that and the sad thing is it will be a sub par upgrade to NMIX. The Torment sys...er NM system doesn't work in D3/DD2 either. End game needs a real hook. Not transitional NM modes. A once mighty mode is diluted to be obsolete and boring. You may as well call NM1-4 Insane ++++ when NMV hits. No one asked for more NM modes, because in the 2 years it failed to impress. I get it's embedded in the code, so my hope is that NMX leads into Hell mode. A mode that is a substantial upgrade in ipwr which is actually needed to clear it. Enemies need to be unforgiving and rely on actual strategy to beat the map, ya know something which doesn't rely on gimmicks to sell itself. It needs to be the be all end all difficulty mode. Also ty for keeping this thread alive. :P You go tell him knows lol
  21. Hahaha. That wasn't too creepy. Yes the nightmare tier are lame. If Trendy can prove me wrong then go right ahead. Don't get me wrong. I want Trendy to succeed at DD2 or whatever plans they have on it. Its just the end game need to be something out of this world. Enemies could surprise attack players in build phase. Something just crazy and challenging. while I will see around Knows. It was good talking with you. After all you are celebrity on the forums. I don't want to steal your spotlight. Oh and knows keep doing what your doing. Keep pushing Trendy into the right direction even when they don't want to be push lol
  22. Never!! until Trendy make end game into a doomsday. I won't stop, can't stop. It's for the sake of Trendy. I won't let them turn end game into a party. You disagree all you want or think whatever you want. But I am going do whatever I want. Until Trendy make end game into something fearful. I can rest knowing that DD2 not a game for 3 and up. Awesome. We need more people to think like this and express their opinions on the matter if you expect the game to survive. You can bring in all the new players you want Trendy, but they won't stay there if your end game is a joke. It needs to be challenging and highly addictive. When I mention end game I'm not just talking about NM+, I'm talking about other things to do besides grinding. The whole picture. Anyway looking forward to express my opinion on what they reveal. I want to give out some positive feedback for a change. The Infamous NoKnowsLimits whats up? I don't think some players will get. End game needs and must be something to give players the chills. A challenge one can't overcome easy. You need to apply strategy to counter deadly foes. They need to be random surprise deadly enemies in end game. An enemy so formidable one wish it never shows up. They also need to be different type of ogres that does different actions . Say a devil ogre. That have king troll blood and deal massive damage in great radius to all heroes and tower alike. Some people think dedicated DD1 fans are trying to turn DD2 into DD1. But that is were their wrong. We are trying to make DD2 greater and more challenging than its predecessor. Most players want it easy and that is fine just give me the challenge. I'll held it. I almost forgot just because Trendy working on end game doesn't mean its going to be a challenge. I predict Trendy will first release end game crazy hard then nerf it lol.
  23. Never!! until Trendy make end game into a doomsday. I won't stop, can't stop. It's for the sake of Trendy. I won't let them turn end game into a party. You disagree all you want or think whatever you want. But I am going do whatever I want. Until Trendy make end game into something fearful. I can rest knowing that DD2 not a game for 3 and up.
  24. End game in DD2 is like watching a cartoon it's laughable. They need to make all monsters in nightmare just a nightmare. Right now end game is walk in the park. When will Trendy stop holding players hands. That is the real question.
  25. Sorry this is an excuse for me to shamelessly show the video where I did the Catacombs incursion on NM4. This was from a community organised challenge thread we had up (not to be confused with "the community challenge") where we were making challenges for each other, mine obviously were all about LA's as thats what I mostly play, and here are the rules I laid out: Apologies for this coming across rather braggadocios, I just thought it would be funny. With all that said LukeAsh22016 I agree with you, they are weak and if my heroes had 730~ ipwr I doubt they would not manage this challenge. Your Pro Zim with the four original heroes. You don't even use PDT. You challenge yourself and that's what like about you. It gets me every time someone think monk is okay. All his towers doesn't need to be OP. Oh wait I forgot it does!!! He only have one main attack tower. Trendy need buff ASAP. I know I know monk have sky.. wait what was it call again. Nevermind it's not important because it can't even do it's job without being destroy. Anyway Much Respect Zim the monk master.
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