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  1. Auction is now over. RED placed the winning bid of 5cv
  2. Hi Everyone I will be auctioning off this beauty theat I farmed today. I am Accepting: Cubes [1:1], Coal [6:1] IC: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?scrollTo=1244911&page=523#1244911 End Date: 3rd October 23:00 BST, any bids on the last day will extend the auction for another 24 hours There is a hidden reserve, and i have the right to refuse to sell if i am not satisfied with the final bid.
  3. Item check please, <3 pm'd the un-blacked out one to Caimen0
  4. Auction Ends: When interest is lost Accepting: Cubes, Coal {6:1}, Mana {100B:1} Current Offers: #1: #2:
  5. Item Check Please and Thankyou
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