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  1. There is also a bug tho. I remember playing with someone not long ago after isle of dread was out, who had a WM with stupidly high critical damage, something like 5800. When asked how he managed to achieve this, he told me he still had a relic with old stats. idk if this is a known bug?
  2. Personnaly, I switched to bees for convenience. I've grown tired of having to switch heroes all the time and just switched to bees on floor 120 or so. So, i'm totally fine with bees being nerfed, it's definitely deserved. but I'd really like to see heroes selection extended to F5-F8 at the same time. Improving menu for deck management would be decent change, but i'd rather have binds extended, I'm spending way too much time in menu since the protean update and I'd rather focus on actually playing the game instead.
  3. Guess so, I've set mouse wheel as aura size but it doesn't work as well.
  4. Could solo any level on insane with 3 afk then I tried 1st new level on insane and I was like WTF the difficulty is like x10 summit/glitter. The boss is so frustrating to fight... you only deal 10% dmg on it and 50% when her chest is open. When I beat it, was like wow no way i'm gonna do this level again... no fun, crap loots. Not to mention nightmare... completely broken really... So, we can say I'm very disappointed about new dlc so far ;p
  5. Whatever they do I hope they remove the stupid animation when adding a point as well. At first, I thought it would be faster to level up a weapon with a controller cause there is a hotkey for it, but animation using a controller is even longer... it takes like 1-2s each time you put a point it's really annoying :(
  6. well me and 3 other friends 60^ as well. sure it can happen, but still, I find it strange... if you have the same chance to get one between 60-79 then you have 1 chance out of 160000 if i'm not wrong to get 4 60^. bet they have done something :eek:
  7. Well now I don't see the point of doing it considering it takes 4h or so, you better farm guardian 55^ at shop. And it's more the fact it was an undocumented change if it's really capped at 60 now.
  8. Did it get nerfed? me and my friend got a 60^ one, same for a friend in another game. So, was it extreme bad luck or nerfed? I hope you guys found better one... :s
  9. I don't remember about exp traps but my inferno traps went from 2700+ a tick to 1850 both with builder, kinda huge nerf. :(
  10. Leave me your offers here + steam id if you're interested :) screenshot
  11. do you actually really do something against cheater? last time I reported one view is still only 1 :' so was playing some pvp and got wtf owned by a monk, so I checked his stuff and saw his weapon... it was only upgraded 6 times and it had already 3000 melee dmg and 2000 range dmg. same about the rest of his stuff, most were only 1/38 with incredible stats his steam
  12. so i'm done leveling all my characters to 70 (in ranked) but I didn't earned achievement what am I supposed to do to have it registered? :( screenshot achievements
  13. arcAnan


    no wonder why he was owning everything so hard in assault :skeleton: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/249/omgwtfbbq.jpg/
  14. 55/9/76/6/27^ 51/9/76/5/27^ 43/9/78/5/27^ 56/8/60/7/27^ 54/8/80/5/27^ 54/8/77/5/27^ 56/7/71/3/27^ 57/9/78/5/26^ 57/9/51/7/26^ and one fully upgraded 1063/10/71/7/27^ it had 45 base dmg or so add me on steam and let me know your offer
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