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  1. I highly recommend playing with a friend in DD2 if you're starting to get bored. Playing with a friend is going to rekindle the fire for you guys and you're going to find it a lot less difficult, more fun and more rewarding :)
  2. As far as I know, gunwitch health stops scaling at about 15 points. so thats basically wasting 85 points for maybe 1k health gain. I am not an expert so maybe test yourself first :) Oh my gosh thank you all so much! all these suggestions really helped me, I'm going to attempt it again. hopefully win this time haha!
  3. Thank you to all the supportive comments as well! :D
  4. Im sorry to dissapoint you sensei but i dont use that build. Me neither. I just use 1 PDT 1 snake wall and 1 SA per lane. Woah buddy who pissed on your cheerios? PDT is not bugged its OP, proton beam is bugged. Air units are not a problem without PDT, and i'd prefer PDTs only attack ground enemies. PDT is not bugged its OP, proton beam is bugged. Air units are not a problem without PDT, and i'd prefer PDTs only attack ground enemies. There are at least three known bugs currently active on PDT's. 1 the tooltip doesn't reflect the damage it does2 PDT is currently chilling and slowing enemies in addition to its normal damage3 PDT's can sometimes stop firing darts for some reasonIt is extremely overpowered also doing double the damage is is suggesting it does, though this is not technically a bug with its damage but rather with its tooltip. Who knows if the Dev team balanced it based on the tooltip damage (not knowing it was double ticking) or if they intended it to completely obliterate every map as the soul source of damage. Regardless, people need to accept this is not a tower that should be used if they want to play the game legitimately. Thanks for all the feedback you all. I understand your alls frustration with the build. This in a since wasn't me trying to give you all a crappy easy build that everyone has seen before. It was my first game on with the new update because I haven't been on for a few weeks and it was my take on the new map, that's it. That's why I put in the description of the video, "easy". Sorry to dissapoint you all with a build you didn't want to see. So of this is also to show that there are other DD2 YouTube channels out there that you all can go watch if you ever need help on something with DD2 or just want to watch! Thanks for all the comments though I really appreciate them all!
  5. You all can leave feed back on here as well! :)
  6. Yeah I'm sure that would work as well! Thanks for all the nice feed back you all! I love making videos :) Seeing that they helps makes it 100x better too!
  7. Hey everyone here's my build for demons lair NM$! Awesome for farming 750 gear and Defender Medals! Comment down any suggestions as usual! :)
  8. Thank you so much! I post dd2 videos all the time :)
  9. yes! Iv'e been trying to figure out how to do that but I can't. how do you do that??
  10. Here is a little build a made you all feel free to use it! works on Incursion and onslaught NM$ as well as defense! Nice to farm huntress DPS weapon!
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