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  1. Then tell me how everyone in like the top 300 beats Mistymire on NM Survival HC in under 2 hours when other maps take about 6 hours to get to wave 25.
  2. i woudl like to buy a run add me in steam: rikerslash
  3. I woudl like to buy runs. I have time until 3 hours from now. I pay 15Mil per run. I can use Huntress Guardian for boosting middle Towers, while I stand on the crystal. Add me: Rikerslash
  4. I have a cool story about this offering I am also pissed about this offer stuff so Joined a game once and wnated to buy a piece of armor which was worth min 5Mil ( in old times). The host asks me "Offer?" and because I hate that I gave him the lowest offer I had in mind so that he would tell me the price. I say "100k" and he says "k"!. End of story
  5. Hello, I am selling Insane Glitterhelm runs for 20 Mil each. You pay before we start. I can take up to three people. Time is around 15-25 min depends on number of players. You can go AFK as usual if you want. Just add me in Steam: rikerslash
  6. no its not for example scorpian says 6 and it has around 4.4 Sps and Crystal Tracker Weapons say 6 and only have around 3.5
  7. Hi you can bid here for my DPS pet 2.5 hours left http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?36502-WTS-37-Boost-64-Hunt-Guardian-and-118-DPS-pet
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