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  1. How do you do equal opportunity and think fast together solo? Can you do it solo and share your video? I would be impressed
  2. Well, I have a little over 2000 hours in this game and had been playing since the early NM days. I've stopped playing now because the game was perfect as it was before they added this incursion and now I have to grind to get a Tenacity 10 or get hold of someone to finish mastery to get automation to progress from where I was. The my onslaught progress just stopped. This is just a laughable comment. How would you AFK when your defenses are frozen? without a Tenacity 10 and Automation? Don't say you mean onslaught level 6 when you are geared to handle 200.
  3. My point exactly, you need a tenacity 10 or an automation shard to play this in Onslaught, while the other maps dont need them. Regular players who play maybe an hour a day dont have the time to grind for this.
  4. Usually people doing AP resets do it before 100, so high onslaught can be 100+ to whatever
  5. ""but you're almost never going to be pushing high Onslaught in a group"" ^ This
  6. So still status quo. Will be back to check after a month.
  7. I'm still waiting for this map to be removed from onslaught. I've stopped playing for now.
  8. After more than 2000 hours in the game, it's clear to say that I loved the game till the Drakenfrost update, and the devs killed the game for me. Let me explain.This is an Action RPG TD, the action part has been reduced to running around lighting torches from actually defending and providing support to the defenses.The only way to play this map on onslaught is to have overpowered towers that they can defend on their own so you run around and light torches.If you grind and get your towers to be able to handle Drakenfrost on their own, then the next 10 onslaught levels become a bore because there's no hero defense needed, till you hit the next Drakenfrost map, and then it's lighting torches again.
  9. This map in onslaught is the reason I quit this game after more than 2000 hours. I loved this game so much that I keep checking to see if they've removed it, but alas. They screwed it up for a lot of us who were playing dd2 for onslaught. Many of my friends stopped playing too. Sad!
  10. Is this incursion still in onslaught? Been playing other games, thought I'd check back.
  11. I've stopped playing DD2 because of this incursion in onslaught, and this has opened up time for me to play other games that have been sitting in my library for years. this is a blessing in a way :)
  12. I'm a solo player, I've been stuck on 79 for a while. I've had enough, the freezing adds an element of luck which is annoying. I've had enough. bye DD2.
  13. I'm a solo player and I play DD2 for Onslaught. I have 2030 hours on DD2 and I'm finally thinking of quitting this game. I played DD1 before this and I think DD1 is much deeper than DD2. But I've grown to love this game. Like I said, I play solo and my defenses are on knife edge, meaning, I do a lot or running around and DPSing with my hero to finish a level. so I don't AFK. With this incursion in Onslaught, my style of play is not possible because, when I'm killing enemies, another section of the map is frozen and I loose. So, what I believe is, to play this incursion level in Onslaught, I should already have towers so powerful that I should be AFKing all levels till this one, then runaround lighting the fires. This doesn't make sense to me. I'm a weekend player, and do play a level of onslaught a day. I'll just wait for the next update and see if I can get back. Hope the dragon get's taken out of this level at least. peace!
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