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  1. I've been farming this map whole of today for one Deathwing and didnt get even one. Like mentioned, even if one dropped and it's a crappy 2/s 1 shot, that'd be even worse. It should be made a guranteed drop, so it can be farmed to get the right one. Looking at this thread, I'm giving up on farming for one.
  2. Anyone gilded it? If yes, what's the percentage on one?
  3. Old player :) the hours were from the non stop NM survival times, pre mod Era xD
  4. I've rollled a tenacity 4 to 9, but not 10, used up all my tokens
  5. Yup I have 2000 hrs in dd2 and have 1 tenacity 10, shitty luck it is
  6. It's not that easy now is it? I'd loose my SR + water combo and will have to destroy a really good relic to move tenacity to my explosive trap relic.
  7. I have only one tenacity 10 that is on a WM, I wanted to use the explosive trap for damage. Tenacity 10 doesn't drop anymore, it's a myth
  8. I understand the dynamics, but why make automation unusable with explosive trap? I use it heavily and now I have to resort to the boring meta build
  9. Makes it useless in Onslaught, can we get this fixed?
  10. How do you do equal opportunity and think fast together solo? Can you do it solo and share your video? I would be impressed
  11. Well, I have a little over 2000 hours in this game and had been playing since the early NM days. I've stopped playing now because the game was perfect as it was before they added this incursion and now I have to grind to get a Tenacity 10 or get hold of someone to finish mastery to get automation to progress from where I was. The my onslaught progress just stopped. This is just a laughable comment. How would you AFK when your defenses are frozen? without a Tenacity 10 and Automation? Don't say you mean onslaught level 6 when you are geared to handle 200.
  12. My point exactly, you need a tenacity 10 or an automation shard to play this in Onslaught, while the other maps dont need them. Regular players who play maybe an hour a day dont have the time to grind for this.
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