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  1. Regardless, I don't think you'll be able to stop every little glitch or hack, at least during the Beta testing phase. I would assume they are going to other game developers like Epic who allow cross platform play and have great ways of preventing cheating and seeing how they do it and kind of copy that. I don't think you can ever be perfect when it comes to cheating because there will always be people more interested in modding rather than just genuinely playing the game. In my opinion I kinda liked the two separate systems that had in DD1 with open and ranked allowing people to mod but now allowing it in Ranked. However, I don't know how they will do that kind of a system in a cross platform situation. I think the Makers of Skyrim did a good job of this though in their game.
  2. And I respect your opinion on that I just don't agree with it. Regardless though i'm excited for DDA like you are i'm sure and can't wait to play! What's your steam? Maybe we can play sometime on DD1. I usually play everyday.
  3. And I highly highly highly agree with both of you about passion for the game! I have been playing since it released on xbox 360 :P so I assure you I have much passion for this game and have put in many many hours and still do. However I will have to agree to disagree with you about on your points for why real money shouldn't be allowed. I mean lets be honest the real world runs off of money and chromatic needs real money to stay open, hire more people and bring more content to the game. What i'm offering is prosperity for the company and the players. Again I could reinstate my arguments about how this doesn't make it a PtW system its actually the opposite in my opinion but I think we would continue to go around and around the subject. I'm sorry you're frustrated that this topic has been brought up @Windex but this is the forum and we're going to discuss issues and different topics that we would like to see. If Chromatic doesn't want to take this approach then fine I will still play and love the game. However I think it's a good opportunity for them and the players to really open the doors.
  4. Well that's okay if you just want to play for fun, I don't think this necessarily would apply to you and that's fine. If your're worried about people buying gear and not having to grind, remember most higher tear weapons you have to be a certain level for which means you still have to grind to even be able to use them. Also DD1 already has this system implemented in DD1 you just have to use in game currency to buy things for trade. I'm suggesting to also make real money, Pay Pal an option so it gives more incentive for people to want to continue to play. And in the end everyone benefits from it. If you don't want to buy from paylpal shops well then fine, don't that's your free choice.
  5. Absolutely. Like I said, people buy games for fun and to beat them. Making money from them only comes when people want to go over and beyond which we have seen in DD1 with how much you need to grind for gear (there is nothing wrong with this). So for the hardcore people who put in extra time and work for those pieces why not let the community make a bit of money and so does the company in return to keep the cash flow of the company coming in to prosper and bring in even better stuff to the game. That's just kinda my thoughts.
  6. If you want to call it Pay to Win system then I guess you can. You have to realize that people buy games to have fun and beat them, not necessarily to make money off of them. However there are players that play a good amount of time and I would say deserve if they choose to make money off of stuff they've earned. Because in reality the item still had to be earned so it's not like the creators just made a pay to win way where you didn't have to grind, no someone still had to grind for the gear. So the grinder would make a little bit and it would again in retrospect make the company more money with people wanting to continue to pay. Also (cough cough Chromatic games) if you're seeing this post you could even make it to where you made a small commission off the the items that people buy from PayPal shops.
  7. Also connection needs to be fixed. For example If you're playing with someone else as host late game on somewhere like Thinkers Lab. With so many enemies you can't even play because due to so many enemies you constantly lag (internet connection lag).
  8. I agree with the Paypal shops. Prosperity (in some since) for grinders will only encourage them to keep playing the game and allow others who want the better gear to get access to it if they don't have the time to grind like the top tear guys. Now obviously there should be some kind of regulations to the system so people couldn't abuse it or cheat people in money. I'm all for this though.
  9. I'm definitely looking forward to this feature.
  10. True, I think the DDA announcement really just sparked something in the people who put a lot of hours in DD1 and didn't play DD2 much.
  11. Will DDA have similar system requirements as DD1 did as far as graphics go and how the game will run?
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