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  1. im in for all the cookies =D http://steamcommunity.com/id/SilentVelocity/
  2. wow i didnt expect that =o added
  3. i bid the rest i bid + half a pizza and an empty! amazon box =o
  4. Overall I agree, but why is you rockshater cv so low? Did I miss an auction or soemthing? :) rockshatter prices are so weird, i've seen them go for 90cv andthen 150cv lol it depends on when they sell and who has the money to nom them up =D
  5. congratz wdaled and all previous winners =)
  6. add me on steam to complete trade if your sell for 2cv that i bid =)
  7. Ended will ask seller if they wish to sell for npc =)
  8. sad to say auction ended without reservers met, please pm if you wish to make another offer <3
  9. fav xmas moment: when all my family used to get together at xmas for dinner n spendint time with each other, doesnt happen no more so kinda sad but ohwells i has friends online to spend time with instead <3 =D
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