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  1. YES YES! Raining Kobolds, Raining Ogres...well, I guess they kinda already get rained from the copters. How about goblins riding wyrvens (which makes the wyrvens fly around with more agility) while the wyrvens carry kobolds? I like the idea of being able to customize your map and mode however you want -- Play your Way. If the ability to have a dozen or more different map modes able to be checked on and off is possible (like it is with HC and Mixed Mode, Survival, now), you can have as much fun crafting your map experiences as you do crafting your heroes and towers.
  2. Good idea -- but maybe some of this info could be placed in the Mini Map? Usually it's faster for players to open the mini map while dps'ing to see overview of mobs and tower health. The health bars could show up in the mini map by the towers (or blink diff colors based on damage level). Also, part of getting good at this game is watching the towers without having to point to them to tell others to watch them.... comes down to just having good teammates that are experienced players.
  3. Have you considered that the challenge doing it solo is that you might have to place towers across multiple waves? That's how it was done in DD1.... If you can't do that -- you need to improve your strategy or stats.
  4. That's a good idea Bat! I know on my favorite TD on mobile - Bloons TD 6 - they have user submitted maps that you access by typing a code. I think having player submitted challenges would be awesome! Imagine a mod mode that allows you to check off different settings -- like removing enemy types, # of waves, HC, restricting heroes or traps, having a time limit, maybe even choosing core location. Then you save the custom map and it generates a code that anyone can input on their game to access the custom map. Fun! Heck even like Mario Maker -- you could have a ranking system to rank ma
  5. Not many things wrong with this release. DDA isn't an insult to DD1 -- unless CG turns it into DD2 or doesn't bring in most of the DD1 content. DDA has been release for 7 days. If you fail to see how similar DDA is to DD1, and not an insult to DD1, then perhaps you need to play more DDA.
  6. Yes! I know we'll see more loot and maps and characters -- but it's the variation in HOW we play that will keep DDA going. Like I said, if I can play the first map of the game, Deeper Well, 15 different ways and each way makes the map new again, that will make DDA a success. The loot will come from playing all these game modes/challenges. We'll invest more time in DDA, and wish we had more time to invest in it. Great loot and cosmetics and achievements are worthless if I have to play the same way on the same map 100 times to get the loot/cosmetics/achievements. Boring, and burned out f
  7. Congrats CG on a successful DDA release. It's how I imagined it would be. But you've wet my appetite....you've created an addict....I am hungry, FOR MOAR. DDA is a drug and I want my fix. I want to know what's going to keep DDA replayable for those that beat Massacre HC and are asking -- what's the end-game? What more is there to DDA? What's going to be unique about DDA that will make those that love DD1 declare DDA as its spiritual successor? Based on the published CG DDA roadmap - all I can expect is console release with DLC1 the year. That's like 4-6 more maps
  8. It's the number of defense units --- each tower has an amount of defense units, the more towers you place, the more defense units you use. When you run out of units, you cannot build anymore towers.
  9. I'm fine with having DD2 maps. Bring the bosses, maybe characters. NOT the DD2 loot system--- such garbage. DD2 did suck, btw. Just objective facts. Hence CG's move to DD1 rather than more DD2. And hence all the votes in favor of DDA aligning with DD1.
  10. I think Trendy went downhill when they abandoned the DD1 genre spirit and went to the DDMOBA (!!) and DD2. DD1 was and still is the ONLY GENRE OF ITS TYPE IN EXISTENCE. There is no other game that mixed TD and PvE / Rougelite/ARPG like DD1. Trendy had a monopoly on it. I think Trendy got greedy with the idea of free to play model or DOTA and tried to cash in on micro transactions. This wasn' t want DD was made for and isn't what made DD1 successful. Trendy basically ignored the fact they had a genre monopoly that was successful, and instead switched to something that was an abominatio
  11. BUMP I hope they add split screen at same time they add FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT. This way those of us that prefer to DD with a controller w/3 buds in a living room on the 65 in TV with snacks and beer Friday night, can have a BLAST. DD is meant to be played with friends, and 4 player local split with controllers is so much fun! Holiday Themes, weird themes, weird cosmetics - Trump and Biden character skins anyone?, flipping maps around (reverse maps, upside down maps, maps that rotate as you play. Any limited time events that keep us playing would be awesome. I think
  12. 1 - I hope to see nearly all the DD1 maps -- and even some CDT DD1 maps! So much great content to update/remaster that will add tremendous value to DDA. If they could make 6-8 player maps work -- that'd be awesome too! Just release these maps as a DLC in a few phases, like DD1 with the Shards DLC. Easy money! 2 - I would love to see more bosses -- and have bosses show up in maps that were not boss maps (think Deeper Well in Massacre with a Boss!) Or a Boss Rush mode like in DD1. Loved the Ogre Crush in the Castle Armory map in DD1. Imagine that in Massacre HC or with a Boss i
  13. Makes me wonder what CG is going to do from here on out--- to prevent the power creep that happened in DD1 while keeping the new content refreshingly challenging for all players.
  14. How does this compare to going 0 to Nightmare in DD1? Using only the first 4 classes, of course, for comparison.
  15. DD2 sucks. Period. End of story. It's the reason we have DDA. When you mess with the original formula (DD1) you end up dead - which is what has happened to DD2. So much was wrong with DD2 that basically was the poison pill for Trendy as a company. Glad CG took the reigns and focused DD back to its origins -- DD1. DD2 was a mutated cousin of DD that should be left to wilt on the vine and drop off into the abandon-ware pit. All hail CG and DDA!
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